Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 380: Unless I'm drunk, stay away from me

Chapter 380: Unless I'm drunk, stay away from me

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Once they arrived at the entrance to the office, Ye Wanwan woke Si Ye Han up.

"Go on with your meeting, I'll head back first."

"Get Xu Yi to take you." Probably because he was energized after getting some sleep, Si Ye Han's tone was much gentler than usual.

But Ye Wanwan's mood wasn't any better since she stared at a certain workaholic with pent-up frustration in her mind. She turned and left without saying a word.

Truly, the emperor's not worried but the eunuch's worried to death! [1]

Grand View Park.

After she returned, Ye Wanwan started to wonder how she could stop Si Ye Han from sending himself to death.

However, she couldn't come up with any good ideas even after pondering for half a day.

She wasn't Qin Ruo Xi - what she said didn't hold much weight.

Nevermind, things would work out in the end. She'd just make him happy these next few days and if it didn't work, there was still the beauty trap...

Ye Wanwan sighed and changed into her men's clothes then sent a text to Luo Chen: [Come to my place in five minutes.]

She wanted to just settle this issue first; she wasn't sure what absurd thoughts this kid would think if she dragged this on.

Ye Wanwan waited while staring at the time on her phone.

Probably because she sounded quite harsh in the text, Luo Chen didn't dare to flake on her again and her doorbell rang in five minutes sharp.

Ye Wanwan: "Please come in."

She didn't close the door.

A pair of footsteps were heard. Luo Chen slowly pushed the door open and walked in.

Luo Chen looked like he just showered - his hair was still slightly damp and his clothes were put on in such a rush that one side of his shoelaces was tied untidily, making her heart soften at the sight of him.

What's worth mentioning was... on this hot summer day, Luo Chen was enveloped tightly in a thick coat...

Ye Wanwan ran her eyes over his outfit and the corners of her mouth twitched-- what was this kid thinking when I called him over?

"Sit." Ye Wanwan glanced at the sofa next to her and gestured to it.

Luo Chen paused and strode towards her after a long time, but he didn't sit next to her and instead, sat at the other end of the sofa.

Ye Wanwan was dressed casually in slippers. Her posture was languid and when she saw that, she furrowed her brows, dissatisfied. "Why're you sitting so far away?"

Luo Chen pursed his lips and moved a little closer to her.

It was really just a little, probably only the distance of a palm...

Ye Wanwan was already in a bad mood today and at this moment, her patience reached its limit, so she simply stood up and walked towards Luo Chen.

The moment Ye Wanwan stood up, Luo Chen's entire body stiffened like a bow as he clenched his fists tightly.

When she was almost right in front of him, Luo Chen couldn't sit around any longer and he bolted up like a spring.

However, before he could escape, Ye Wanwan pressed down hard on his shoulders and pushed him back down.

Ye Wanwan remained in this position, pressing him down. Her eyes narrowed as she looked at him condescendingly with a cold glare, "Why are you running?"

Luo Chen didn't know where to look and looked like he was ready to dash out the door in the next second, but at the same time, he restrained himself for some reason...

Ye Wanwan stared at him and mouthed each word carefully: "Listen carefully to what I have to say next."

"Firstly, I'm not GAY."

"Secondly, no matter what my sexual orientation is, I'm not interested in having relationships with the artists under me."

"Thirdly, unless I'm drunk, stay away from me and at any other time, refer to the second statement."

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