Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 379: Shut your eyes and sleep

Chapter 379: Shut your eyes and sleep

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Ye Wanwan was so mad that...

He's making my period come even when it's not time yet!

Forget it, forget it, I won't stoop to his level.

This guy probably wasn't even part of the human race; it was already an impressive feat that he knew how irritable girls could get when on their period.

Ye Wanwan took a deep breath to calm herself down. She didn't waste any more time and stiffened her face as she pushed Si Ye Han's head down and pressed it against her lap. "There's more than an hour to go - you should sleep."

This guy left at six in the morning and now, it's 10 pm and he hadn't even had a meal in between. He had been working intensely for 16 hours non-stop; no matter how strong his body was, it wouldn't be able to handle this.

He really thinks he's not human?

Si Ye Han laid on her soft legs and a surprised and suspicious look flashed across his cold face.

Ye Wanwan immediately glared at him. "Shut your eyes and sleep."

He was probably quite tired and Ye Wanwan's words seemed to hit a trigger since before an inquisitive look in Si Ye Han's eyes could surface, his mysterious eyes were already blocked by his closed lids...

Ye Wanwan was reminded of how little kids who loved hugging their beloved toy or soft toys to sleep couldn't fall asleep if their toys weren't by their side.

Maybe to Si Ye Han, she was one of those little teddy bears that kids hugged to sleep?

Xu Yi, who was driving in the front seat, noticed the scene at the back through his rearview mirror and looked puzzled.

From that call in the morning asking about his master's health to coming down personally to force feed him and now she's taking advantage of the hour-long journey to get master to sleep...

What exactly is this Ye Wanwan... trying to do?

She couldn't... really be concerned about master's health, could she?

The car drove steadily; the car was designed with comfort as the main priority, so Si Ye Han slept soundly.

Ye Wanwan took out a blanket from the cabinet to cover him then she turned to Xu Yi and tried to extract some more information from him: "Is Si Ye Han going on any business trips in the next few days?"

Xu Yi replied, "Yes, next weekend."

"Where's he going?" Ye Wanwan hurriedly asked.

"Country B to negotiate an important contract; the meeting tonight was meant to discuss this." Xu Yi didn't hide anything from Ye Wanwan as he answered directly.

Anyway, his master's attitude towards Ye Wanwan was already plain for all to see; he didn't have anything to hide.

Once Ye Wanwan heard the words "country B" and "negotiate a contract," her heart froze.

It's exactly the same as before - Si Ye Han's still going to country B...

"Must he go? Or can he postpone it? Must Si Ye Han go personally?" Ye Wanwan asked.

Xu Yi replied like he was in a difficult situation: "This... I'm afraid he can't! Everyone in the company has prepared for this collaboration for more than three years - he has to go and won't be able to postpone it since it was arranged a long time ago so master must attend it personally... Miss Wanwan, do you have something to do next weekend?"

Ye Wanwan's expression darkened and she didn't answer.

Considering what Xu Yi said, Si Ye Han has to go on this trip no matter what, and since it's extremely important, Si Ye Han has to be there personally.

It was almost impossible for me to stop him without a good reason.

Everything's fine, so why can't he go?

Could I say that Si Ye Han would encounter tragedy and almost lose his life in country B? Who would believe me?

Must... history repeat itself... ?

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