Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 377: Feeding you would be fine, right

Chapter 377: Feeding you would be fine, right

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Three minutes later.

Ye Wanwan came out with the reheated lunchbox then walked straight to Si Ye Han, pulled out a chair by his side and sat down.

Since Ye Wanwan arrived abruptly, everyone's eyes were on her instantly.

The voice of a reporting staff member also paused as he cast an inquiring look over to Xu Yi helplessly...

Xu Yi was stunned, unsure of what Ye Wanwan was planning to do.

Something had been wrong with her ever since that call that morning.

Ye Wanwan looked at all the people staring at her. "You guys may continue."

When she finished speaking, she took the spoon and dug up a mouthful of rice then brought it to Si Ye Han's mouth.

Si Ye Han was taken aback. His dark eyes stared at the girl next to him with a tinge of uncertainty.

Ye Wanwan maintained her feeding position and looked expressionlessly at Si Ye Han, who was staring at her with a complicated expression. She said, "You only spoke eight times throughout this one hour anyway - a total of 47 words - simply eating wouldn't affect your discussion, right?"

Seeing that Si Ye Han didn't move, Ye Wanwan moved her spoon a little closer, giving him a look that read: "If you don't eat it, you'll die."

Si Ye Han stared at the girl's unhappy little face and was silent for a long time before he finally opened his mouth obediently.

Ye Wanwan's face, which looked upset at the beginning, now turned slightly warmer.

The others in the office looked at their BOSS being fed by a beauty and were left speechless...

Uh... it doesn't affect our discussion...?

The problem was that they were going blind from this display of affection!

The calm and composed Qin Ruo Xi looked at Ye Wanwan who was feeding Si Ye Han at this moment and her expression finally shifted slightly. She said, "I was negligent and forgot that chairman Si hadn't had his dinner yet."

Liu Ying scoffed, his eyes filled with detest. Coming all the way here to do this - who are you putting on a show for? Are you announcing your sovereignty?

After Xu Yi heard what Qin Ruo Xi said, his eyes shifted.

Why does Miss Ruo Xi sound like... it was because of her negligence that caused 9th master to miss his meal...

The truth was that his master was a total workaholic - once he started working, he wouldn't allow anyone to interrupt him, even Miss Ruo Xi.

Miss Ruo Xi was very clear on his master's taboo, so she knew very well not to interfere too much.

But right now, Ye Wanwan actually dared to interrupt his master's important discussion and even started feeding him.

And master doesn't seem... to be upset?

*Cough* "Everyone, please go on!"

After Xu Yi indicated for everyone to continue, they finally returned to their senses and quickly got back into the swing of things and continued giving their reports.

But now, they couldn't help but discreetly look up at the two lovebirds from time to time.

Seems like it's true that 9th master really pampers that woman to the heavens!

Since when did we ever see such a humane side to our otherworldly BOSS?

Initially, they felt that BOSS and Miss Qin made a good pair, but now, comparing the two of them, these lovebirds looked more like a couple in love, right?

BOSS and Miss Qin seemed to be just colleagues...

"The profit of last quarter was..." Qin Ruo Xi was giving her report, but halfway through, she saw that Ye Wanwan was feeding Si Ye Han a piece of celery and she subconsciously blurted out, "Chairman Si doesn't eat celery."

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