Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 376: I'm not here to have fun

Chapter 376: I'm not here to have fun

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Imperial City northern suburbs, a certain company under Si Corporation:

Si Ye Han was discussing matters with a few people from the company's top management when Ye Wanwan arrived. Qin Ruo Xi and Liu Ying were present as well.

Everyone had a solemn expression.

The moment he saw Ye Wanwan, Liu Ying face darkened.

Although the other higher-ups were very curious about Ye Wanwan, they guessed that she was the darling pet of their BOSS that they heard so much about. No matter how curious they were, everyone behaved themselves - they didn't dare to keep staring and focused intently on their discussion.

As for Qin Ruo Xi, when Ye Wanwan entered, she nodded politely and continued her report in a composed manner.

Si Ye Han's desk was piled with all sorts of documents, but the lunchbox sitting at the corner of his coffee table didn't appear touched at all.

This guy has a whole body full of illnesses, and his stomach's also extremely weak, yet he still torments his body like that.

Seeing her sudden arrival, Si Ye Han motioned for her to find a place to sit and wait for a while.

Ye Wanwan didn't move. She pursed her lips and looked at him, "You haven't had your dinner?"

Si Ye Han appeared like he hadn't expected her to come down just to ask this question. "Need to settle an important issue."

Ye Wanwan's face turned gloomy. Which issue of yours isn't important?

No matter how important the issue is, is it more important than your life?

Si Ye Han noticed she didn't look happy, so he took out a laptop from the drawer and passed it to her. "Go play with it for a while."

Ye Wanwan's face turned even darker. "I'm not playing! I'm not here to play!"

Si Ye Han didn't shun this woman no matter how important this issue was, and he even allowed her to sit in on such a classified meeting. She even threw a tantrum in front of everyone, so Liu Ying's face turned so ugly that it was on the verge of exploding.

Xu Yi wiped his sweat and kept his eyes on Liu Ying in case he couldn't control his violent temper.

Qin Ruo Xi still maintained a gentle and natural expression as she smiled and said, "Miss Ye, don't be angry, director Si really has some important matters he has to discuss with us now. He'll be with you once he's done."

Ye Wanwan had a shadow of a smile as she glanced at Qin Ruo Xi being considerate, trying to help Si Ye Han out. Ye Wanwan didn't bother with her--she took the laptop and went to the sofa.

Si Ye Han's meeting went on for a long time, so Ye Wanwan could do was use the laptop and read the news.

During that time, her phone vibrated-- it was a WeChat message from Han Xian Yu.

Han Xian Yu sent a few photos to her, asking her which was better-looking.

Ye Wanwan scrolled through and chose one of the pictures. "This one, you look better on your left profile."

Many stars had a nicer angle and each time they were in front of the media, they deliberately showed that angle. For Han Xian Yu, his left profile looked nicer.

Han Xian Yu replied with an "OK."

Then Ye Wanwan swiped through a webpage and saw that Han Xian Yu posted a Weibo: Someone said my left profile looks better?

The attached picture was the one Ye Wanwan chose.

Sounds of sucking up appeared in the comments section.

[Ahhhhhh! Oh my god! My husband finally posted a selfie! I was waiting to the death for this!]

[Handsome, handsome, handsome! Hubby looks good from every angle!]

[Someone? Who's that someone? I smell adultery!]


Ye Wanwan swiped through Weibo distractedly while glancing in Si Ye Han's direction from time to time.

Seconds and minutes went by...

Half an hour had passed in a blink of an eye, but Si Ye Han and the others didn't appear like they were finishing anytime soon.

When she thought about Si Ye Han's frail body, Ye Wanwan furrowed her brows even tighter as her fingers rapped on the armrest of the sofa impatiently.

Another 20 minutes passed and the needle was pointing straight at 9 p.m.

Her fingers rapping on the armrest stopped as Ye Wanwan stood up, took the cold lunchbox from the coffee table and walked towards the lounge in the room.

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