Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 371: A game gone too far

Chapter 371: A game gone too far

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Ye Wanwan spoke as she sent the photo directly to Si Ye Han.

In the photo was a comedian wearing a very outdated red checkered shirt from the 80s, straight green pants and a pair of black thick-rimmed glasses. He also had very tanned skin, a pair of buck teeth and was bald; his appearance was extremely hard to explain with a few words.

Ye Wanwan asked excitedly, "What do you think? It's very safe, huh?"

It's more than safe - nobody would want him even if you delivered him to a girl's doorstep.

It's perfect!

Furthermore, nobody will be able to recognize who he is!

The expression Si Ye Han had after looking at the photograph: "..."

Ye Wanwan's conscience was probably triggered as she felt that transforming the stunning Si Ye Han into this person was quite a feat, so she compromised and said, *cough* "You can have some hair..."

"If you find the red checkered top too garish, I can let you change it for a green one?"

"I can also allow you to remove the glasses-no no, your eyes are too alluring, can't do without the glasses.."


Seeing that Si Ye Han's face was turning uglier, Ye Wanwan swallowed and said earnestly, "Baby, I really don't want this either, but this face of yours looks..."

Si Ye Han's face was frosty. "Like I would cheat on you?"

Ye Wanwan hurriedly said, "How could that be! Baby, I know how you feel about me! You didn't even mind when I looked so atrocious before! I'm just scared that my parents would be worried and say..."

Ye Wanwan's lips were almost torn apart from all her persuading, but negotiations still broke down...

Grand View Park:

After they returned to the apartment, Ye Wanwan was still unwilling to give up and gave one final attempt.

"Ay, sweetheart, think of it this way - if you're very ugly yet you have a beauty by your side, people will definitely think you're a tycoon! Wouldn't that feeling be amazing! Uh, wait, this is wrong... you're a tycoon in the first place..."

Ye Wanwan was in despair.

After accompanying Ye Wanwan to her doorstep, Si Ye Han didn't have any intention to enter, so he turned and left immediately.

Ye Wanwan panicked and blocked Si Ye Han's path abruptly, pushing him into her apartment. "Why are you being so unreasonable? I dressed up horrendously for you so many times but you can't even do it for me once?"

Si Ye Han was pushed to the edge of the sofa. His eyes narrowed and he was about to make a move but in the next second, he was suddenly blocked by Ye Wanwan, resulting in her acting like an evil tyrant pushing a young lady around.

"What if I said no?" Si Ye Han asked faintly, his terrifying eyes tinted with frost.

Ye Wanwan spent a second being charmed by this pair of beautiful eyes but was even more determined to not allow him to meet her parents with his real face. Thus she pushed him directly onto the sofa and pressed against his body with one knee. "Today, you have to yield no matter what - even if you don't want to yield, you still have to yield!"

The moment Ye Wanwan said that, there was a "clang"...

Following that was a "pop"...

Two peculiar sounds came from behind her in succession.

A bad premonition suddenly appeared in Ye Wanwan's mind as her back stiffened and she turned around. Then she saw...

Han Xian Yu, who was in his pajamas and slippers, standing at the entrance. He was flabbergasted with a fallen box of canned beers by his side.

The thing that made Ye Wanwan give up all hope was that the frail teenager next to Han Xian Yu... was actually Luo Chen...

The poor child was completely dumbfounded; his script was scattered all over the floor...

I... F***!

What just happened!!!

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