Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 370: Am I too shameful for you to bring home?

Chapter 370: Am I too shameful for you to bring home?

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Ye Wanwan mulled over the issue for a long time before finally opening up: *cough* "It's like this: because of that scumbag Gu Yue Ze before, my relationship with my parents became estranged. This time, after returning to the Ye house, I already made things clear with my parents to make sure that they have peace of mind and believe that I've really thought things through carefully. I told them about us..."

With that said, Ye Wanwan paused and observed Si Ye Han's expression while she continued, "Plus, we've been living together for more than two years already, so would you like... to come back with me.. to meet my parents?"

Her worst fear was that someday, her parents would accidentally find out about her and Si Ye Han. Considering Si Ye Han's attitude toward her parents, or if her parents found out that she was forced into this relationship, she didn't dare to imagine the consequences...

So she had to find a solution that satisfied both parties before things got worse.

If Si Ye Han was agreeable and willing to cooperate, that would be best...

The moment Ye Wanwan said that she inexplicably felt the surrounding noise completely filter out from her ears; all her attention was on his reaction.

His fingers that were on the glass paused. The lighting in the bar was too dim - she couldn't really see Si Ye Han's expression clearly.

Time went by, second by second...

"You're not okay with it?" Seeing no reaction from him, Ye Wanwan lowered her gaze, looking desolate. "Si Ye Han... am I just a toy... to you? You lock me up when you're unhappy, you let me out to fly a few rounds when you're happy...

"I know you don't really like me having close relationships with others, even my parents... but... with this attitude of yours, my parents might think that I've been abducted by bad guys or even worse, they might think that I've been imprisoned and kept as a mistress..."

Si Ye Han's face darkened as he looked at her airing more and more grievances like she was about to cry. "They're my parents and also your future in-laws; were you just fooling around with me and not planning to get married this whole time..."

After Si Ye Han heard the word "married," his icy expression changed slightly then he finally said, "Okay."

The moment Si Ye Han said that, Ye Wanwan's head became like a sunflower finally seeing the sun. She looked up immediately and exclaimed, "Ah! Really, really? When you meet them, can you change your appearance to make yourself look uglier-ah no, no, to look more able, virtuous and kind, ah no, what I meant was... to look safer!"

Si Ye Han: "..."

Si Ye Han's expression that just warmed up a little instantly became like whistling Northern winds; his voice also froze as he spoke, enunciating each word carefully, "Am I too shameful to bring home?"

Ye Wanwan shook her head anxiously like a rattle. "How could that be! It's just that, you know, ever since Gu Yue Ze, my parents were very worried that I would be cheated on again; they're afraid I wouldn't be able to control someone who's too handsome and rich, afraid that he might forsake me or cheat on me etc. Furthermore, I actually found someone who's extremely wealthy and could smash the vault of heaven!"

"If I showed you to them like this, they'd probably be so worried that they couldn't sleep soundly!"

"So while I have the ability to put their hearts at ease, I can't reveal your identity to them... so... I have to trouble you a little la..."

Si Ye Han seemed amused as he looked at her. He took things easy: "How safe do you want?"

Ye Wanwan took out her phone and showed him an image. "Something like this is fine..."

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