Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 357: Bring him home to meet you

Chapter 357: Bring him home to meet you

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Ye Mu Fan was wide awake right now, looking at Ye Wanwan like he'd just seen a ghost.

Liang Wan Jun and Ye Shao Ting's faces were filled with astonishment as well--they obviously didn't expect their daughter to do that.

"Wanwan, you... was everything you said just now true?" Liang Wan Jun asked nervously.

Ye Wanwan thought about this carefully beforehand; previously, because of the estranged relationship with her parents, it didn't really matter but now, it was too difficult to continue hiding the fact that she was with Si Ye Han--they would find out sooner or later.

Rather than letting her parents have wild speculations about her in the future, it was better she eliminate the danger now.

Thus, Ye Wanwan nodded and replied, "Daddy, mommy, it's true!"

Liang Wan Jun was overjoyed at the unexpected news."Where's he from? How old is he? What does he do? Is he reliable?"

Ye Wanwan replied helplessly, "*cough* Mom, it's not a good time for me to go into the details today. Next time, I'll explain everything and bring him home to meet you!"

She considered this before and felt that it wasn't a solution in the long term--she had to think of a way to make Si Ye Han less repulsive towards the people around her...

Suddenly, Ye Wanwan heard a noise coming from her phone and only then did she realize that forgot to switch it off and Si Ye Han hadn't hung up as well.

Ye Wanwan hung up the phone suspiciously.

What was that noise?

Did I say anything wrong just now?

After hearing what their daughter said, Liang Wan Jun and Ye Shao Ting finally eased up and nodded.

Ye Wanwan stood in front of her parents and gave a gentle and lovable smile. "Daddy, mommy, let's go home!"

"Sure... sure..."

Right here, right now, the husband and wife were finally sure that their willful and impetuous daughter had really changed.

Before leaving, the whole family bid farewell to the old man.

Ye Shao Ting and Liang Wan Jun were worried that the old man would scold Ye Wanwan and was about to speak up on her behalf...

However, before the old man could make things difficult for them, Ye Wanwan hung her head low and apologized of her own accord. "Grandpa, I'm sorry, Wanwan was too rash today... but... if this continues to drag on, it's a pain for me, for Gu Yue Ze and for cousin Yiyi. It'd be better to take swift and ruthless action now and settle things once and for all! In the past, I was too possessive, but I've straightened out my thinking and decided that I want to live my life to the fullest!"

Ye Wanwan looked like she was suffering and enduring pain as she spoke. It was as if she had concealed innumerable grievances and sorrows.

The old man had a bellyful of fury initially, but after seeing the girl hanging her head low and biting her lips, he couldn't be angry at her anymore.

What should he be mad about? Mad that she called off the engagement without permission?

But it was true that her engagement with that Gu chap had ceased to exist except in name long ago. Things were exactly as she said--there were no benefits for the three of them if they dragged things on.

As for telling everyone that she called off the engagement because she was in love with someone else, bearing the charge of betraying her fiance?

That was totally groundless...

Ultimately, Gu Yue Ze already acted like a couple with Ye Yiyi in public while he was still engaged, so he was really in no position to criticize Ye Wanwan for her behavior.

So in the end, Ye Hong Wei realized that he couldn't even speak one word of criticism towards her.

On the contrary, seeing the way his granddaughter treated that chap from the Gu family different from how she used to and seeing as she took the initiative to cut off all relations, he actually found that their Ye family had some character.

"Alright, just this once. Go home." After thinking for a while, Ye Hong Wei said just these six words.

Ye Wanwan nodded obediently. "En, goodbye grandpa. Take care of your health. I'll visit you often!"

Usually, Ye Hong Wei didn't allow their family into the old residence but hearing what Ye Wanwan said, he didn't deny them entry and simply nodded in response.


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