Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 356: Give Si Ye Han a call

Chapter 356: Give Si Ye Han a call

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The second Ye Wanwan said all this, her phone started blinking, indicating a notification from Weibo.

A few minutes ago, outside the Ye family's old residence.

Inside a certain car hidden in the shadows was a man sitting in the backseat with a cold expression.

In the driver's seat, Xu Yi had been cursing silently for almost half an hour.

They were about to return to Jin garden just now but in the end, his master made him change route and said they were heading to another location. Then, halfway through the journey, his master suddenly told him to stop the car.

He was unsure why his master wanted to go to this place they'd never seen before and why he asked him to stop the car halfway, but then he finally realized that the place where they stopped the car was close to the Ye family's old residence.

Damn! Going to the other location was a lie; he's deliberately passing by to see his lovely concubine, huh?

Xu Yi was cursing when Si Ye Han's phone suddenly rang and his little heart thumped in fright.

Following that, he took a glimpse and realized that the person calling was... Ye Wanwan.

F***! Isn't this woman inside attending her grandfather's birthday banquet?

Why's she calling master at this time?

As his heart pumped rapidly, in the backseat, the man paused for a moment before picking up the call.

In the next second, the girl's voice sounded from the phone...

[Mr. Gu, may I have the microphone, please?]

Hearing that, the eyes of the man in the backseat darkened.

Xu Yi froze. What's the meaning of this?

Ye Wanwan seems to be speaking to someone else? And that person has the surname "Gu"? It can't be... Gu Yue Ze, can it?!

Right after that, Ye Wanwan's voice continued on through the phone...

[Distinguished guests, friends...]

[However, I'm very sorry to say that today, I'd like to announce to everyone that I, Ye Wanwan, would like to officially call off my engagement with Mr. Gu Yue Ze...]

[Mr. Gu, I understand that you're angry but I'm very sorry, I really don't have any feelings for you...]

[I'm in love with someone else...]



At the same time in the banquet hall, after Gu Yue Ze heard Ye Wanwan's threat, a trace of iciness appeared in his eyes.

He naturally didn't want people to know that his own fiancée actually became Si Ye Han's woman.

If it was any other man, he'd find him below his status--there weren't many rich sons in Imperial City he feared, but of all people... of all people, it had to be Si Ye Han...

Aristocratic families like his weren't even qualified to look up to the Si family.

While Gu Yue Ze kept silent with a frozen expression, Ye Wanwan whipped her skirt around and left swiftly.

At the scene, a couple of rich young masters gathered in a group and exclaimed in shock repeatedly.

"Da... damn! Did I just hear wrong? Our great prince Gu has just been dumped by someone?"

"Ay, more than just got dumped--his fiancée even announced that she's in love with another man and wants to call off the engagement--there's a Siberian plain on his head [1]!"

"I didn't expect that the great prince would see this day!"

Gu Yue Ze's plan tonight was perfect initially--call off the engagement with Ye Wanwan then announce the engagement between Ye Yiyi and him. If Ye Wanwan made a big scene in between, it would be more advantageous to him.

But he never imagined that Ye Wanwan would make a fool out of him in the end and now, he seemed like the one who was jilted, in a manner most humiliating for a man.

Gu Yue Ze wasn't the only one affected--Ye Yiyi's gentle and delicate little face completely stiffened.

Clearly, Ye Wanwan was the one who was supposed to be dumped, but Ye Wanwan messed things up and now, it looked like she was picking up a man Ye Wanwan didn't want.

Translator's Thoughts

eunimon_ eunimon_

[1]: Usually, when a guy gets cheated on, we'll say that he's wearing a green hat.

One explanation is that the phrase apparently sounds similar to the word for cuckold. Another story goes that during the Yuan Dynasty, the families of prostitutes were forced to wear green hats. And yet another says that male brothel workers in the Tang Dynasty wore green hats. (There's even another story in which a hard-working man accidentally left the house wearing a green hat that his wife's lover had left by mistake.)


But now, Gu Yue Ze has an entire plain on his head so you can imagine how shameful it must be for him >.<

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