Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 352: Turn my nose up

Chapter 352: Turn my nose up

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Gu Yue Ze spoke with righteousness all over his face before turning to Ye Wanwan, "Ye Wanwan and I never had any feelings for each other from the beginning, but Uncle Ye kept forcing me. I think I've already been nice not to turn against you!"

Hearing what Gu Yue Ze said, Ye Mu Fan's tightly-clenched fists nearly flew into his face.

Clearly, this bastard disregarded his principles in the pursuit of profits; seeing that his dad lost everything, he immediately started fooling around with Ye Yiyi but was afraid people would start talking, so he didn't immediately call off the engagement. Now he's saying that he endured humiliation and carried a heavy burden -he's completely shameless!

Although Ye Mu Fan sneered in his heart, he purposely kept quiet and smiled wryly at Ye Wanwan.

As expected, when Ye Wanwan saw Gu Yue Ze, she was instantly frightened and hadn't dared to say a word from the start till the end.

"Sorry Mr. Ye Shao Ting, in consideration for the past friendship we had, I've been making Ye Yiyi suffer for way too long; my engagement with Ye Wanwan comes to an end right now!" Gu Yue Ze didn't even address him as "Uncle Ye" anymore. He turned around and promptly left with Ye Yiyi after speaking.

"Wanwan..." Ye Yiyi turned towards Ye Wanwan and left with Gu Yue Ze with an apologetic look.

"This ass****!" Ye Shao Ting was so mad that his face turned red and his chest heaved violently.

Today, he hadn't felt provoked from all the humiliation he received today but at the moment, he was furious.

Liang Wan Jun pulled her daughter's hand, worried, "Wanwan..."

Ye Mu Fan looked at the Ye Wanwan who still hadn't muttered a word and scoffed softly at her with a look of ridicule, "Ye Wanwan, you're really something--you didn't even so much as let out a fart when you saw Gu Yue Ze! Didn't you speak so well just now in front of daddy and mommy? What's up? Feeling dejected from seeing him being so protective and caring towards Ye Yiyi? Talk about protecting daddy and mommy! I bet once that Gu guy simply raises his finger and beckons you over, you'll forget about your surname, your name, who gave birth to you and who raised you, huh?!"

"Mu Fan, stop it!" Liang Wan Jun shot a look at Ye Mu Fan crossly.

Ye Mu Fan hmphed, "Did I say something wrong? You can change mountains and rivers but not a person's nature--it's not like this hasn't happened before! Just a piece of advice, please take a good look at her tonight. If not, we never know whether we have to make a spectacle of ourselves once again!"

Ye Mu Fan's attitude didn't bother Ye Wanwan and the corners of her mouth curved upwards into a lazy smile as she chuckled, "Ge ge, you worry too much. I didn't open my mouth because I can't be bothered to speak to that person.

"After all... ge ge, people grow up and their tastes change. Today, your little sister really has to turn her nose up at level Gu Yue Ze's at."

Ye Mu Fan was taken aback when he heard that; he obviously didn't expect Ye Wanwan would say something like this. In the past, if he said a single bad thing about Gu Yue Ze, she turned hostile towards him.

Ye Wanwan continued leisurely, "I'm unlike ge ge. After so many years, your taste hasn't improved at all!"

Ye Mu Fan could hear the sarcasm behind Ye Wanwan's words and his face changed. He immediately slammed the wine glass in his hand onto the table, "Ye Wanwan! What do you mean by that, huh?!"

Ye Wanwan smiled fakely, "Ge ge, you said yourself that I would forget my surname and name for a man and wouldn't even acknowledge my parents, but what about you?! Are you any better than me? Weren't you completely entranced by a girl as well? You didn't even hesitate to descend from your status and become a slave!"

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