Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 351: Where's your respect for Wanwan?

Chapter 351: Where's your respect for Wanwan?

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Mei Jing Zhou furrowed his brows and looked confused. "I really have no idea who Miss Ye's talking about."

Seeing that Mei Jing Zhou maintained this genuinely confused expression, Ye Wanwan was completely flabbergasted. She was adamant that she had never known someone like Mei Jing Zhou at all. There was no chance.

She never thought that the great master would be so proficient in acting; his acting skills were too great, huh?

Forget it, since he refused to confess, there was no use even if she kept pushing the matter.

Ye Wanwan could only give up and return to her parents.

Gu Yue Ze had been staring at Ye Wanwan for a while now and his face turned ugly, seeing her converse happily with the great master.

That bony artifact was one thing, but no matter how capable Ye Wanwan was, it was impossible for her to invite someone like Mei Jing Zhou to attend a private birthday banquet.

There was only one person capable of inviting Mei Jing Zhou in all of Imperial City...

Thinking about that person, Gu Yue Ze's face darkened immediately.

Ever since he left Jin garden that last time, he hadn't asked about Ye Wanwan again.

It was already extremely benevolent of him to offer to help Ye Wanwan that one time.

Initially, he thought Ye Wanwan would get sick of the game after a couple days, but he didn't expect that after so long, she'd still be involved with that guy.

"Yue Ze... Yue Ze..."

"Yiyi, what is it?"

"Are you alright? What are you thinking about?"

Gu Yue Ze looked at the delicate beauty standing next to him and his expression turned gentle and soft. "Of course. I'm thinking about us."

If Ye Wanwan wanted to humiliate herself, she could go ahead and humiliate herself. Anyway, what she did had nothing to do with him anymore. Today, he would cut off all relations he had with her and give Ye Yiyi a proper status.

Ye Yiyi knew what he was referring to, so she blushed and said casually, "I'll go say hi to uncle and auntie!"

Gu Yue Ze furrowed his brows. "Whatever for?"

Ye Yiyi looked at him helplessly and persuaded him, "Yue Ze, don't be like that. We're relatives after all!"

Gu Yue Ze couldn't rebut. "I'll go with you then."

Then the two of them carried their wine glasses and walked over to Ye Shao Ting's table.

Ye Yiyi said courteously, "Uncle, Auntie, it's rare to see you guys drop by. Let Yiyi know if you need anything. My parents and grandmother were unable to make it today due to the big snow at M country so the airport closed; I'm managing the banquet alone so if you find anything unsatisfactory, please forgive me."

Her speech was flawless and was masterful.

Gu Yue Ze didn't have any intention of speaking to Ye Shao Ting and the others; he didn't even look at Ye Wanwan as if he was afraid that Ye Yiyi would be upstaged. He simply stood quietly by Ye Yiyi's side the whole time.

When Ye Shao Ting saw the two of them going everywhere as a couple throughout the banquet, he already felt very upset in his heart. Now, they were still acting like that right in front of him and his face turned much uglier.

As Ye Shao Ting's expression darkened, he looked at the young man whom he had admired a lot in the past. "Yue Ze, I already see you as my child and your engagement with Wanwan still exists to this day, but you're acting like that with Yiyi in public--where's your respect for Wanwan?"

Facing the interrogation from Ye Shao Ting, a shadow of gloominess appeared on Gu Yue Ze's face and he said, "Uncle Ye, in the past, I always regarded you as someone I deeply respected, but I really didn't expect that you would betray your family and harm the company's interests just for your personal gain. People who walk different paths can't make plans together--I can't disregard my morals just for the sake of our past relationship!"

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