Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 325: A crooked stick forms a crooked shadow

Chapter 325: A crooked stick forms a crooked shadow

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Everyone knew who Ye Shao An from the Ye Group was--he was the boss of Ye Group.

How could he be an assistant years ago?

The senior reporter looked at the crowd's curious gaze and said softly:

"That Ye Shao An is the second son of Old Ye; Old Ye has an older son called Ye Shao Ting. Before the scandal, Ye Shao Ting was supposed to take over the Ye Group and Ye Shao An was just his assistant."

"There's something like this?"

The newcomer reporters weren't very familiar with the members of the Ye family--they only knew what was on the surface.

"Could it be fake? It... it was said that the boss of Ye Group at the time, Ye Shao Ting, was involved in some serious gang activities and laundered the company's money away, embezzling a large number of public funds."

These old stories were like bombs that blew these new reporters' minds.

Is this Ye Shao Ting insane?

He actually did something so atrocious?

"A month after that happened, Ye Shao An sacrificed his ties of blood to righteousness and exposed Ye Shao Ting. Under all the irrefutable evidence, Ye Shao Ting admitted to his crimes. Old Ye raged and after that, together with the senior management of Ye Group, they threw Ye Shao Ting out of the company, banishing this tumor. Ever since, the group's been in the hands of Old Ye's second son, Ye Shao An." The senior reporter sighed as he recalled the past.

"Then... how's Ye Shao Ting now?" a reporter asked out of curiosity.

"Him? After doing those deeds, nobody wanted a piece of trash like that. It's been said that he's working at some small company now. His son and daughter are useless as well--his son, Ye Mu Fan, is working for Ye Shao Ting's ex-driver while his daughter's even more outrageous. Not only is she exceptionally ugly, she's an incompetent and ignorant girl, always stirring up trouble!" The senior reporter revealed everything he knew.

As for Ye Shao Ting's family, these reporters obviously didn't have a good impression of them.

"I really didn't expect that the Ye family was tied up with a bunch of scum like them..."

"Ye Shao Ting's entire family are hopeless fools, but Ye Shao An daughter, Ye Yiyi, has a really excellent character and good looks--she's young, yet she's even more capable than her father, Ye Shao An. Today, she's the director of the talent recruitment department in one of the subsidiaries under Ye Group, Emperor Sky, and has groomed countless big stars. She's about the same age as Ye Shao Ting's daughter, but they're on opposite poles... if only Ye Shao Ting had a daughter like Ye Yiyi, he probably wouldn't be in such a pathetic state," another reporter said.

"As the saying goes, dragons beget dragons, phoenixes beget phoenixes, and the son of a mouse can dig holes. In other words, like father like son. Ye Shao Ting turned on his family and has a bad moral compass. With a father like him, how could his children be any better? A crooked stick forms a crooked shadow, right?"

The moment he said that, before anyone could respond, a white Bentley went past the crowd and slowly entered the Ye family's old residence.

From the side window, you could see a girl with a delicate face as if sculpted from fine jade.

In a split second, all the reporters' attention was attracted by that girl's breathtaking face. Each one of them opened their eyes wide, afraid they'd miss out on seeing this influential person.

Very soon, the Bentley stopped by the Ye family's old residence. The driver got out of his seat and opened the door.

The girl took a step out and slowly got out from the left side of the car.

She was dressed in a white gown that seemed to be custom made for her. Her long black hair was in a loose bun and was secured with a jade pin; she was magnificent and graceful, yet she was also delicate, causing all of them to palpitate with excitement.

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