Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 324: Unprecedented grand occasion

Chapter 324: Unprecedented grand occasion

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At the old residence of the Ye family.

Outside the grand manor, it was almost completely blocked off by security personnel, forming a restricted area.

Many reporters waited a few hundred yards away, each of them stretching their heads out, trying to peek into the old residence of the Ye family.

One after another, numerous luxurious sports cars slowly made their way to the old residence. The stream of cars dazzled all the reporters.

Big stars dressed in gorgeous outfits came out of the cars, walking out gracefully with poise towards the old house.

The reporters stood outside the restricted area and gasped in shock continuously. They kept clicking their cameras and fought to get the best shots of famous figures.

"Cheng Man Ni... currently one of the top ten A-list celebrities in the country..." One of the reporters raised his camera up high and glanced at the wonderful figure that just passed.

"That's the big brother and sister from Emperor Sky? They're actually here?!"

Each of the celebrities that arrived was extremely popular, making the crowd wish they could grow another pair of hands so they could take more pictures.

"Today's Old Ye's birthday and half of the entertainment industry's arrived. This attendance surpasses even the Golden Orchid award ceremony!"

"Doesn't the Ye family already control half the entire entertainment industry?!"

"Too bad the place is entirely cordoned off. If only we could get in and take a few pictures, that would really be..."

With that said, the reporters started to complain and sigh, shaking their heads.

It was already considered an honor to be able to stand outside and soak in the atmosphere of Old Ye's birthday celebration. With the skills of the Ye family's security guards, not to mention getting inside, but even if they got near the main gate, they'd probably be thrown out by the guards instantly.

"This Ye family's really powerful; they actually have so many big stars attending the banquet. I've never seen something so grand before."

"You call this grand? Although the Ye family's the big boss of the entertainment industry, that scandal many years ago caused the Ye family to suffer a great loss and they haven't been able to return to their glory. If that incident hadn't happened, the Ye family would definitely be twice as rich..."

"Scandal? What scandal?" Hearing that, a few of the new reporters became interested and looked eagerly at the reporter who said it.

The newcomers became very interested in the topic and they started probing.

"A scandal that could hurt the Ye family must've been a big one..."

"Senior, please tell us and let us gain some knowledge!"

A slightly older reporter dressed in a reporter's attire had his pointy finger pressed against the gate. He lifted his gaze and in response to all the questions coming at him, he said secretively, "This was the Ye's family scandal. Although the Ye family wanted to hide this incident at all costs, because of the magnitude of it, the truth was leaked and many people dug out the truth together. In this day and age, it's no longer considered a secret anymore.

"A big corporation like the Ye Group naturally isn't as calm as they look on the surface.

"Many years ago, the scandal of the Ye family caused a ruckus throughout the entire industry, almost uprooting the Ye family altogether."

The new reporters were more and more intrigued as they listened and shuffled closer to him with their ears pricked, afraid they'd miss out on important information.

"Everyone knows the president of the Ye Group now is Old Ye's son, Ye Shao An, but a few years ago, Ye Shao An was just a small assistant in the company!" The slightly older reporter said mysteriously.

"What do you mean?"

A few of the reporters were confused.

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