Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 316: A lion never turns its head to a dog's barking

Chapter 316: A lion never turns its head to a dog's barking

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In the office.

"Do you have any background in martial arts?" Ye Wanwan asked.

Luo Chen pressed his lips, "A little, but..."

Before, he got some training in order to film "Terrifying Dragon" but that was three years ago after all.

Ye Wanwan passed him a timetable. "You're probably unfamiliar with it since you haven't practiced it for so long, so I've arranged martial arts training sessions for you. Just focus on practicing with the master these next few days; don't bother with anything else and most importantly, don't bother with those unimportant people; a lion never turns its head to a dog's barking."

Luo Chen nodded seriously and unquestioningly took the timetable. He didn't ask why his manager was forcing him to go for martial arts training when other managers signed their artists up to sing and dance.

He also didn't question why Ye Wanwan made him do the filming today.

Seeing how obedient Luo Chen was, Ye Wanwan's heart softened. "You can't afford a team for now, so just work with the temps in the company for now. In the future, you'll definitely have a team of your own."

Her words seemed like a promise, but it was more like a prophecy--a prophecy that he'd be able to make it big.

Luo Chen looked at the man's icy-cold face and a sense of warmth entered his dead heart...


For the next while, Luo Chen led a mundane life. Aside from visiting his mom at the hospital, he only went to the company building for martial arts training.

At the company, everyone waited in anticipation to see what Ye Bai was up to. In the end, nobody would've guessed that after Luo Chen filmed a video, he wouldn't do anything other than attending his training sessions every day.

Why's Ye Bai making his artist attend martial arts training? Isn't it a waste of time? Is he being prepped to be a martial arts actor?

He really has a weird way of doing things...

Luo Chen ignored all the weird gazes and gossip around him and did whatever he needed to do every day.

At the same time, Lin Hao took up a role as the main lead in a youth idol drama series.

Being cast to play the role of the male lead after debuting not long ago was enough to make all the newcomers envious; Lin Hao's future was undoubtedly bright.

Today, Lin Hao came to the office as usual with an entourage of newcomers and interns trying to curry his favor.

When he walked past Luo Chen, Lin Hao stopped in his tracks and was no longer as sorry as he looked that day when Ye Wanwan fooled him. He was back to his arrogant self as he looked disdainfully at Luo Chen like he was looking at a lowly ant. His face looked as if speaking a word to him would lower his status.

Upon seeing Luo Chen's sweaty body, the group of little fresh meat started sneering at him.

"Eh, senior Luo Chen's really pitiful! He went for training yet again! He's so hardworking; his future must be limitless!"

"After all, he's following a dog manager who counts on chairman Chu's support! Oops, wrong, I meant he's following a capable master!"

"All the best, senior Luo Chen!"

"Senior Luo Chen, please give me your autograph! I'm afraid the next time we see you, we won't even be qualified to speak to you!"

Everyone started laughing once they were done with their mockery.

Luo Chen wiped the sweat off his forehead. His gaze swept across everyone without emotion and he left without a word.

Upstairs, in Zhou Wen Bin's office:

Zhou Wen Bin fiddled with the new antique that just arrived as he asked, "How's the young lad doing so far?"

The plump manager quickly replied, "Bin-ge, don't worry. He hasn't done anything yet--he's probably just bluffing, trying to act all mysterious!"

"Don't let your guard down," Zhou Wen Bin looked disapprovingly at him.

The man rubbed his hands together as he sucked up to him, "Bin-ge, like what you said before, you're Bin-ge after all and have been in the industry for over 20 years! There isn't anything you haven't seen before. A youngster like him can't fight against you; chairman Chu will find out very soon that Dazzling has to rely on you!"

Zhou Wen Bin's mood lifted as he listened to all the flattery. He asked casually, "How's Gong Xu doing recently?"

"Bin-ge, don't worry, Gong Xu's quite well-behaved and hasn't caused any trouble so far. The scandal from before has subsided as well; he should be able to show up in a few days..."

"En," Zhou Wen Bin blew the porcelain in his hands lightly and nodded, satisfied.

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