Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 315: Made him cry

Chapter 315: Made him cry

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"I've been kind towards people my entire life, yet everyone has cheated and insulted me... I have a clear conscience in heaven and earth, yet this heaven and earth also despised and hated me..."

With those words, the teenager suddenly started laughing. His smile was like a blossoming flower with thorns around it.

He was simply standing in the film studio, but it felt as if there was a strong wind howling crazily around him. His clean and innocent face was stained with enormous sentiment and he stirred up strong emotions in everyone. A little madness leaked out of his gloomy eyes as he said, "So, from today onwards, I'm the only one who can stop myself. There shall be a massacre--I won't spare any humans, I'll kill every human on this earth, the world denies me, I shall..."

——"Destroy this universe!"

The moment he said this last line, it was as if something terrifying had broken free from its shackles and escaped from his body in that split second, howling and rushing towards the ninth celestial sphere.


Everyone in the film studio was flabbergasted. They stared blankly at Luo Chen who seemed as if he had become another person completely.

He was obviously still the same person, yet that face, how... how could it become so terrifying...

An indeterminate amount of time had passed when everyone finally regained their senses and realized that Luo Chen was acting just now--he was re-enacting a classic scene from "Terrifying Dragon" when the big triad BOSS turned dark.

It was too... too earth-shaking...

"Terrifying Dragon" was a sensational hit before; almost everyone watched it and what Luo Chen re-enacted made everyone recall that scene from "Terrifying Dragon" instantly.

At this moment, present-day Luo Chen was akin to the teenager, Lin Luo Chen, from the show who was also forced to his doom. Even though Luo Chen was wearing a modern outfit, the outcome of his acting wasn't inferior to the original scene at all--it was even more moving watching it now.

However, with the manager's residual hostility still lingering, everyone still didn't dare to utter a word. Their eyes all turned towards him sitting silently on the chair.

Luo Chen's performance was so exceptional--he'll be able to pass, right?

Luo Chen calmed down a little before coming out of character. The aura around him dissipated instantly and he was back to his usual self.

He stared uneasily at his manager. His body was tense as he stood stiffly on the spot.

It was as if he was standing there waiting for... his final judgment...

After a moment of silence, Ye Wanwan slowly stood up.

Under everyone's gaze, she slowly made her way towards the teenager.

As she got closer, the teenager got more and more nervous and stiff; even his breathing almost stopped from looking at the manager's cold expression.

Finally, Ye Wanwan stood directly in front of the teenager. She stretched out her hand and touched the teenager's soft black hair, and her tone was like melting ice as she spoke gently, "See, you can do a good job, right?"

Luo Chen's face went blank. His bright eyes were wide open and in the next second, tears started streaming down his beautiful face as he looked down and sobbed silently...

Ye Wanwan didn't expect this reaction at all and her hand in the teenager's hair stiffened up.

Uh... did I overdo it?

Why is he crying!

I actually made him cry!

Was I too fierce?

Was I really fierce just now?

Ye Wanwan's heart was pulled into chaos, but she had to maintain her dignity and persona, so she expressionlessly passed a handkerchief to him. She said coldly, "Why are you crying? Real men don't cry this easily."

Luo Chen choked with sobs, nodded then took the handkerchief from her carefully as wiped the tears off quickly.


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