Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 3: Ex-Fiance

Chapter 3: Ex-Fiance

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In the blink of an eye, three days passed.

In those three days, Ye Wan Wan spent her time mostly sleeping and reflecting on her memory of her previous life.

Si Ye Han was no different from the past. For three whole days, he didn't appear at all. The servants at the house were all buried in their work and rarely spoke to her. They didn't even dare to make any eye contact.

Such an enormous house but it was like a crypt.

Ye Wan Wan changed into her pyjamas and looked at the time. She immediately walked towards the yard.

The moonlight was beautiful with a gentle breeze, easing her fear of the terrifying memories of the cage she was trapped in.

This garden actually had a nice view. After all, it had been designed by Si Ye Han himself. He hired the world's top group of architects and it took five full years to finish building it in the top location in Imperial City.

It was such a pity that in her previous life, she hadn't appreciated it. She abhorred this cage that imprisoned her and only wanted to destroy it.

In plain sight, she could see a large, burnt patch of grass, an intentionally cut flowerbed and a murky pond... these were all her "masterpieces".

"Wan Wan——"

Then, a familiar voice abruptly resounded in the evening wind.

Ye Wan Wan looked up from a withered rose in the direction of the voice.

Under the dim light, she could see a man dressed in an expensive and luxurious suit. He was charming and... classy.

She had to admit, Gu Yue Ze did in fact captivate her.

Si Ye Han, that devil, paled in comparison with him.

Gu Yue Ze stood a few steps away from her and frowned.

Ye Wan Wan noticed his subtle reaction, so she took a look at her clothes.

At that moment, she was still in her heavy metal clothes, with a thick mess of makeup on her face.

As her wardrobe didn't have any regular clothes, she thought she might as well maintain her old image. She also didn't want to arouse suspicion by changing drastically in such a short period of time.

Gu Yue Ze stared at her coldly, his expression filled with disappointment, "Wan Wan! How could you degrade yourself like this?"

Degrade myself?

Ye Wan Wan tasted these words, mocking her.

In her previous life, she'd given him her entire heart. In order to prove her loyalty to him, she'd made herself dress so strangely and repulsively.

But in the end, all she got in return was him saying that she degraded herself.

She knew that Shen Meng Qi spoke ill of her in front of Gu Yue Ze, but if this man had the slightest affection for her, he wouldn't believe anything Shen Meng Qi said.

Since Shen Meng Qi was her best friend, she came over often to keep her company. Thus, she could come in and out as she pleased. She even allowed Gu Yue Ze in secretly.

Just as Ye Wan Wan was about to speak, a chill went up her spine.

Si Ye Han...

He's here!

She was instinctively aware of that man's presence.

In her previous life, she didn't realize Shen Meng Qi betrayed her. Si Ye Han watched her in the dark the whole time she cheated on him, marking the beginning of her nightmare...

Ye Wan Wan sighed gently, forcing herself to ignore the presence of Si Ye Han. She looked at Gu Yue Ze indifferently, chuckled and asked, "I wonder which perspective you're questioning me from? That of my ex-fiance? Or... my brother-in-law?"

Gu Yue Ze's expression turned heavy at Ye Wan Wan's sarcasm, "Wan Wan, I know you blame me, but I was also helpless. Whatever happened, I'm responsible for what you've become today. Leave with me now and I'll take you out of Imperial City!"

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