Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 2: He could tolerate it all

Chapter 2: He could tolerate it all




But how am I going to change?

To Si Yehan, crushing her was easier than crushing an ant. He got whatever he wanted.

Ye Wanwan took a deep breath, forcing the fear of that man out of her.

There must be a way!

At least she was no longer the same stupid, mindless and impulsive teenager.

"Oh my god! Wanwan…" She heard a sudden exclamation.

Hearing this familiar voice, Ye Wanwan stiffened and turned to look at the door.

Immediately, she saw the face of a person she'd never forget.

A pretty face that people would never suspect—

It was her best friend from her previous life!

"Wanwan, how could Mr. Si do this to you?!" Shen Mengqi rushed over and held her hand. She looked at the messy bed and Wanwan's bruised body in astonishment.

Ye Wanwan lowered her eyes, looking at her hand clenched in pain from Shen Mengqi's tight grip. This time, she didn't miss Shen Mengqi's clumsily hidden feelings of jealousy.

"Wanwan, are you alright? Are you okay? Wanwan, don't scare me!" Shen Mengqi fretted anxiously. She saw that Wanwan's gaze was strange and wondered if she was traumatized.

Ye Wanwan maintained her composure and drew her hands back. She shook her head and replied, "I'm fine."

In her past life, the reason why she'd been tormented so relentlessly by Si Yehan was due in part to Shen Mengqi.

She had many fights with Si Yehan and didn't dare tell anyone other than Shen Mengqi, her most trusted friend. Who would've known…

Shen Mengqi actually had feelings for Si Yehan; she long coveted the title of "Mrs Si". On the surface, she was helping Wanwan, but she was actually using her to get closer to Si Yehan. She even tried to drive a wedge between them countless times and led Wanwan to be tortured by the wrath of Si Yehan each time.

Wanwan hadn't noticed her level of deception before. She even felt deeply grateful to Shen Mengqi for being her wing woman.

Staring at her own reflection in the mirror, Ye Wanwan couldn't help but smile wryly.

Actually, this hideous disguise was Shen Mengqi's idea, and she actually agreed.

No matter how others saw her, as long as Si Yehan loathed her, it'd be worth it.

But what she hadn't anticipated was that despite her revolting appearance, Si Yehan could tolerate all of it.

"How are alright when you look like this?! Wanwan, don't worry, I'll help you!" Shen Mengqi said, with a look of kindness.

Ye Wanwan sneered in her heart. Oh, sure.

The Shen Mengqi from her previous life had also been like this, generously offering to help her escape and asking for Gu Yueze's help.

In the end, Shen Mengqi betrayed her and told Si Yehan that she was "eloping" with Gu Yueze.

This had intensified her conflict with Si Yehan. From that point onwards, Si Yehan's temperament became cranky and unpredictable. His possessiveness towards her became intolerable.

Facing Si Yehan head-on was like courting death.

Why had she been so foolishly stubborn before? She'd even listened to Shen Mengqi and obeyed her, hurting herself again and again.

The Ye family hadn't exacted their revenge yet. Her parents were still waiting for her at home and she still had to guide her older brother onto the right path. She had so much to do.

She needed to pacify Si Yehan first; she couldn't do anything that would provoke him again. She set herself up against a terrifying enemy.

"Wanwan, wait for me! I'll come back for you!" Shen Mengqi, only caring for herself, spoke words devoid of meaning. She then left.

Once Shen Mengqi left, Ye Wanwan's helpless and fragile expression turned cold and numb.

Shen Mengqi's countless attempts to encourage her to escape hadn't succeeded. The last time, she was accused of having an affair. It was like Shen Mengqi was determined to the death to ruin her life.

So let's find out…

Who will die this time.

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