Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 29: She dared not and could not!

Chapter 29: She dared not and could not!

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In the midst of the laughter, Liang Li Hua's expression turned gloomy, "Ye Wan Wan, you don't have to talk so thoughtlessly with me here. It's too late now to be afraid and regretful! Qing He is an unparalleled school; everyone who graduated from Qing He has excelled in life and become the pillars of society! You, scum and pest of society, are the disgrace of Qing He!

If you still have half a sense of shame, take your things and leave now, stop being so insolent! Or should I get your estranged parents to take you away?"

When speaking about Ye Wan Wan's parents, Liang Li Hua deliberately exaggerated her tone with her face full of sarcasm and disdain.

Hearing "estranged", Ye Wan Wan's pupils contracted!

This was the issue that she had been running away from ever since her rebirth.

In her past life, she blamed her parents for getting in the way of being with Gu Yue Ze. She kept arguing with them, said insensible words, did countless things to hurt them and finally even forced them to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to sever relations with her, in order to get rid of the so-called "stain" on their family, just so Gu Yue Ze could give her a chance...

As a matter of fact, in order to hide many truths for her, her parents suffered a lot...

After the rebirth, the people she wanted to see most desperately were her parents and brother!

But she dared not and could not!

Now she had no right to see them!

Seeing that Ye Wan Wan was standing there speechless and motionless, Liang Li Hua slammed the table in fury, "Ye Wan Wan! Don't test my patience!!!"

Ye Wan Wan broke off from her thoughts, her expression unchanged and insisted, "Teacher, I'm merely making a legitimate request."

Liang Li Hua took a deep breath, trying to contain her anger. She slammed the stack of exam booklets in her hands. After searching for a long time, she finally managed to find Ye Wan Wan's name and took her result slip out of the pile, "Good! Look at your grades! I see that you're the type of person who will not weep until you see the coffin!"

The result slip showed every student’s result for each subject, including the total marks and the marks for each major question. The last page showed the class ranking and school ranking of this student.

The students below were all speechless...

"Is there something wrong with this ugly girl's brain? Doesn't she have a sense of how she scored?"

"What a disgrace!"

"Get a sense of decency! Ugly people always make more trouble!"


When Liang Li Hua flipped to the first page, it was the math results. From the total scores to the 3 main sections of the exam, namely, the multiple choice, fill in the blanks and open-ended questions, they were all a glaring 0 points!

"Math, 0 points! Ye Wan Wan, this was the result you insisted I see? Scores worthy of shooting you to the top of the class?" Liang Li Hua sneered.

"Hahaha, as expected, this ugly girl got 0 again!"

"That was a slap in the face! How do you top the class when you scored 0 for math? You bragged too much!"

"First! Ha, nothing wrong with being first from the back right!"

Ye Wan Wan seemed to not hear the mockery around her. She said expressionlessly, "There's still language, liberal arts, and English."

She remembered that language, English, and especially liberal arts exams were very challenging this time. Much uncommon knowledge was tested which could cause the differences in scores to widen. If she could score well on these 3 sections, even with a 0 for math, she wouldn't be able to top the school but she should be able to secure the first place in class.

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