Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 28: What if I end up at the top of the class?

Chapter 28: What if I end up at the top of the class?

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After the end of exams, the teachers started the grading process..

As it was a simulation test, the marking process was basically modelled after college entrance exams. The names of the students were sealed and the teachers didn't mark the exams of their own classes. After they finished marking, the teachers would then unseal the names to tabulate the scores and rankings.

That night was destined to be a sleepless night, as everyone was comparing their answers nervously and guessing their results.

As for Ye Wan Wan, she rushed back to the dormitory immediately to make up her sleep debt after submitting her last exam.

The next morning.

Liang Li Hua entered the classroom, beaming.

In the morning, she had visited the Student Affairs office even before looking at the students' results. Ye Wan Wan's letter of expulsion was finally ready.

"Be quiet, students!" she said, "Test scores and rankings are now out! But before I announce the results, I need to deal with one thing first!"

Hearing this, all eyes turned in the direction of the last row excitedly.

Sure enough, Liang Li Hua held a notice out and slapped it on the podium, "I presume many of you knew about this matter. Our classmate, Ye Wan Wan, has violated the school rules and regulations umpteen times. Her behaviour is unbearable, irredeemable and has seriously damaged our Qing He High School's reputation. The school has come to a decision to expel her!"

Cheers came from below the podium, especially the girls.

"Ha ha ha, I told you so! That ugly freak would be chased out of school even before the results are out!"

"Finally, we don't have to see that terrifying face anymore!"

Liang Li Hua looked with disapproval towards Ye Wan Wan and said impatiently, "The effective date is today so pack your things and get going!"

In the eyes of all the people revelling at her expulsion, Ye Wan Wan remained calm and motionless without the slightest intention to leave. She gently curved the corners of her mouth and glanced lazily at the person on the podium.

Her mocking eyes and calmness looked almost defiant, which immediately made Liang Li Hua burst into a rage, "Ye Wan Wan!" What's your problem now? Didn't you want an official written notice from the school? That notice has been served! Everything was done according to the rules! Don't you dare think about saying I have no authority again!"

Ye Wan Wan's cold eyes narrowed and she slowly stood up and said, "Well, since the teacher's talking about school rules, then I should tell her the school rules too. I seem to remember that there is a clause in the rules that if there is significant contrition shown by the student, it is appropriate to avoid punishment and give the student a chance to be rehabilitated."

Liang Li Hua laughed coldly, "Yes, that's a clause but so what? How is that relevant to you? Look at how horrendous you look, neither ghost nor human. Does it look like you're the least bit contrite?"

Ye Wan Wan frowned and replied with a self-righteous tone, "Yes, I'm ugly. So what? Is it my fault that I was born this way? Is this what a teacher should be doing, mocking a person's appearance? I think that you should take a look at my results first before talking. What if I end up at the top of the class this time?"

Liang Li Hua was stunned at first and then broke out in laughter. The rest of the students also roared with laughter together.

"Hahahahaha wow! What did this ugly freak Ye Wan Wan just say? Top of the class? Who gave her the courage to say such a thing?!"

"She's an idiot! If she can top the class, I will eat s***!"

"Haha I'm afraid you will have to eat s*** then, because being first from the back is still being first!"


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