Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 287: So strict?

Chapter 287: So strict?

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The three of them sat around the table. Han Xian Yu sat at one side while Ye Wanwan and Si Ye Han sat opposite.

Han Xian Yu felt like something was amiss and said, "Do you guys want some wine? I have a bottle of exquisite wine at my place!"

Ye Wanwan knew Si Ye Han didn't like her drinking. She subconsciously glanced at Si Ye Han and replied, "Sorry, I don't drink. How about the two of you go ahead?"

Han Xian Yu was a little disappointed, but he didn't force Ye Wanwan and turned to the man sitting opposite and asked, "Mr. Si, can you hold your liquor well?"

Si Ye Han seemed distracted with a thin layer of frost covering his face and seemed somewhat distant as he replied plainly, "I'm not bad."

"Sure, I'll go get the wine; the two of us shall drink!'

Han Xian Yu returned with a bottle of red wine very quickly.

"This bottle of Romanée-Conti was gifted by my friend from France—it's really hard to get! I've been reluctant to open it since he gave it to me! Ye Bai, you really don't want some? Anyway, you're at home! It's fine even if you get drunk!" Han Xian Yu tried persuading her.

Ye Wanwan sighed, "My girlfriend doesn't really like me drinking."

Han Xian Yu broke into laughter, "She's so strict? She's not even here now; you're so obedient!"

Ye Wanwan: "..." Problem is that she's right here, right now, ok!

Han Xian Yu teased her before the three of them started chatting, drinking and eating hot pot.

Although it was indeed a little weird to have red wine paired with hot pot, what was important was the atmosphere and the three of them didn't seem to mind at all.

During the meal, most of the talking was done by Han Xian Yu and Ye Bai; the person next to Ye Bai had very little to say and didn't eat much as well. He drank most of the time and only ate when Ye Bai placed some dishes in his bowl.

The man twirled the glass of red wine lightly with his slender fingers. Judging by his actions, Han Xian Yu felt this friend of Ye Bai's didn't come from a simple background and had a high status.

His movements could only be formed if he had mixed in environments of nobility for a long time-- it was a big difference compared to artistes who were specially trained to act this way in front of the public.

The man's other arm rested naturally on the backrest of Ye Bai's chair; only Ye Bai and Han Xian Yu conversed the whole time—the man didn't say a single word, yet there was an inexplicable feeling hovering between the man and Ye Bai, a kind of feeling that outsiders would never be able to replicate.

"Ah-Jiu, eat some more. Why do you only keep drinking? Han Xian Yu, why are you also eating so little?" Ye Wanwan, whose head was buried in her bowl and ate non-stop, realized that she seemed to be the only one eating.

Si Ye Han didn't even take any food for himself while Han Xian Yu only had a few pieces of vegetables.

Han Xian Yu replied helplessly, "Everyone working in the industry is like this; we have to watch our diet."

Ye Wanwan suddenly rejoiced for choosing to be a manager instead. "Your job's not easy at all; you can't even eat your fill..."

Han Xian Yu shrugged, "No choice, everyone says you look 5kg fatter on screen. If you want to look good on television, you have to be skinnier than the average person. Those skinny artistes that people usually see on television are actually as skinny as twigs in real life..."

Ye Wanwan nodded continuously, "You're like that too—still dieting when you're already so skinny!"

The two of them were chatting away when someone's phone suddenly rang.

It was Si Ye Han's phone.

Si Ye Han placed his glass of wine down and raised the phone to his ear, "Hello."

Si Ye Han didn't speak for a while. After listening to the caller for a bit, he replied in a low and hoarse voice, "Call director Jiang to head over first. I'll be there soon."


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