Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 286: More beautiful than any woman

Chapter 286: More beautiful than any woman

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As Si Ye Han's phone suddenly rang, he stood up and walked to the balcony to take the call.

Han Xian Yu didn't have the air of an entitled superstar; he felt embarrassed he wasn't doing anything to help, so he headed to the kitchen to lend Ye Wanwan a hand.

But what he saw was the teenager's sleeves casually rolled up with the water flowing on his frosty white skin. Han Xian Yu felt lost in another world...

This Ye Bai, not only does he have the looks—even his figure is more stunning than a woman's.

This kind of guy who looked better than most women was very trendy the past few years in the entertainment industry; fresh meat in the industry usually brought shame to many women. There were some guys like this by his side already, but none of them was like Ye Bai. Those deliberately manufactured and so-called pretty boys were like fake plastic flowers—their behavior and actions were all pretentious, but Ye Bai was like an oasis in the desert of an unbroken chain of dunes, her ingeniousness and willfulness able to blow out the fires of the world...

Han Xian Yu caught himself staring in a daze at that man. He quickly shook his head and returned to his senses and said, "Let me help you!"

After speaking, he took the vegetables by the side, started washing them and said, "Mr. Ye, I heard you signed on to Worldwide?"

"Don't keep calling me Mr. Ye; it sounds so awkward. Just call me by my name..." Ye Wanwan didn't bother hiding the truth and replied honestly, "Yes, I did sign with Worldwide and completed the agreement with chairman Chu today."

Han Xian Yu always wondered what conditions Ye Bai discussed with chairman Chu previously... so it was a chance to work with Worldwide.

Only looking at Ye Bai's exceptional personality and appearance, he would make a great artiste, but with his competence, it wasn't strange that he'd chosen to be a manager. Han Xian Yu that it even suited him better.

"Mr. Y... Ye Bai, which company are you going to work with?" Han Xian Yu asked.

"Dazzling Media," Ye Wanwan replied.

Hearing these two words, "Dazzling Media", Han Xian Yu's brows raised slightly.

However, it wasn't surprising when he thought about it. He sneered, "Chairman Chu doesn't trust anyone easily so he wouldn't allow you to enter headquarters so easily.

"But it's also better this way—the headquarters and stronger subsidiaries are basically saturated with people already and they all have their respective social circles and networks. Without qualifications or a strong network, it'd be too difficult for you to enter those companies at a mid-level position. There's only Zhou Wen Bin working at Dazzling today so by starting there, it'll be much easier for you!"

"I thought so too," Ye Wanwan nodded. Considering that she had to start working at Dazzling the next day, she tried probing further, "Oh right, what's Zhou Wen Bin like? He seems to have a good character from what I heard?"

As she paid a bit of attention to the artist managed by him, Gong Xu, she knew a little about Zhou Wen Bin as well.

Gong Xu was infamous for his bad temper. He was also reported as being hard to please and big-headed. Although he was just as qualified as Han Xian Yu, he had too many scandals and bad records that he was unable to surpass Han Xian Yu and had countless managers before Zhou Wen Bin. Only Zhou Wen Bin was able to handle him.

Usually, in front the public eye, Zhou Wen Bin acted like a gentleman and was kind towards others.

Once Ye Wanwan mentioned the name Zhou Wen Bin, Han Xian Yu's face turned cold. "Tsk, he's just faking it for the media and public. Everyone in the industry knows what kind of man he is. Anyway, he's definitely not who you think he is; be very cautious when you have dealings with him in case he tries to get you into trouble!"

Ye Wanwan nodded gratefully, "Thanks for the advice—I'll be careful!"

If Han Xian Yu dared to speak the truth to me like that, it means he really doesn't see me as an outsider.


When Si Ye Han was done with his phone call and returned, he saw Ye Wanwan and Han Xian Yu having a nice chat while washing the vegetables in the kitchen.

There was a kind of relaxation and genuineness on the girl's face as she looked at Han Xian Yu, the kind that never appeared when she looked at him...


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