Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 2486 - Side Story; Nameless Nie 19

Chapter 2486 Side Story; Nameless Nie 19

“B*stard, you actually dared to kiss Ling Miao?!”

Li Chun suddenly drew a gun from his pocket.

However, before Li Chun could aim the gun at Nameless Nie, he was kicked several meters back by Nameless Nie and his gun was also snatched.


Li Chun’s father reached inside his jacket.

“Sit down. I’ll only say it once.”

Nameless Nie popped up behind Li Chun’s father and pressed his right hand on the man’s shoulder.

An enormous force caused Li Chun’s father to immediately sit back down in his seat.

Nameless Nie used the opportunity to pull out the gun from Li Chun’s father’s jacket too.

“Heh, you’ve seriously gotten used to running amok. Both father and son carry this kind of toy with them?” Nameless Nie threw the guns onto the dining table.

“Little brat, you’ve gone too far!” Auntie Ling appeared to be truly angry.

“Old Ling, I’ll say it bluntly—I want to marry your daughter,” Nameless Nie declared to Auntie Ling.

“Does your opinion matter?!” Auntie Ling was furious.

“Fine, we’ll let Ling Miao decide then.” Nameless Nie’s eyes landed on Ling Miao. “If you’re not willing…”

“I…”—Ling Miao stared at Nameless Nie—”am willing.”

Ling Miao exploded. “You wretch, what did you say?!”

“This will be the first and last time in my life I’ll resist you.” Ling Miao looked at Auntie Ling. “I want to be with him.”

Auntie Ling wilted. Just when did these two…

Nameless Nie had grown up in her home since he was young, so Auntie Ling considered him her own child. How could she accept these two children being together?

Nameless Nie’s gaze shot toward Ling Miao instantly.

What did she just say? She wants to be with me?


It felt like a dream.

“Old Ling, you can’t go back on your word. Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten our trade,” Nameless Nie cheerfully reminded Auntie Ling.

Auntie Ling was at a loss for words. The thing she regretted most in her life was confiscating Nameless Nie’s calculator and abacus.

“Sorry, Mom…” Ling Miao said.

“You’re out of my control!” Auntie Ling harrumphed and went upstairs.

“You played us?!” Li Chun’s father’s eyes glinted chillingly.

No one in this continent dared to treat the Li family like this.

“What? Your skin’s itching again?” Nameless Nie glanced at Li Chun and his family.

“Young man, don’t overestimate yourself. Have you heard of Ji Xiuran?” Li Chun demanded coldly.

“Ji Xiuran?” Nameless Nie scratched his head. “I’ve heard of him. What about it?”

“Heh, you’ve heard of him?” Li Chun snorted. “The Li Corporation is a company under the Ji Clan, which means we’re part of the Ji Clan. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

“I see.” Nameless Nie was pensive and pulled out his phone in front of everyone.

A moment later, a girl appeared on Nameless Nie’s phone screen.

“Brother, what’s up?” Worriless Nie, the girl on the screen, asked.

“Why do you have his phone? Where’s Ji Xiuran?” Nameless Nie asked.

“He’s peeling garlic next to me,” Worriless Nie replied.

“Give the phone to Ji Xiuran. I have something to ask him,” Nameless Nie requested.

Soon, Ji Xiuran appeared with an apron on. “What is it?”

“A grown man wearing an apron and cooking in the kitchen—what a disappointment,” Nameless Nie teased.

Ji Xiuran smiled faintly. “Let’s talk business.”

“Do you know these people?” Nameless Nie aimed the camera at Li Chun and his family.

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