Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 2485 - Side Story; Nameless Nie

Chapter 2485 Side Story; Nameless Nie

“Should you… be calling me… nephew?” A bone-chilling glint surfaced in Nameless Nie’s eyes.

“Your aunt and I will eventually get married, so aren’t you going to eventually be my nephew?” Li Chun replied.

“You’ll eventually die, so why don’t you go die now?” Nameless Nie retorted.

“Little brat, what are you doing?!” Ling Miao frowned at Nameless Nie. “What trouble are you making here?”

“Fine, I won’t cause trouble. Keep eating.” Nameless Nie shrugged.

Seven days later, Li Chun led his parents to the Ling family’s mansion.

At the dining table, Li Chun’s parents officially proposed marriage.

“Then it’s decided. Let’s set a date,” Li Chun’s father said calmly.

“Let’s do the 3rd of February on the lunar calendar,” Li Chun suggested.

“That day is unlucky.”

Nameless Nie suddenly interjected.

“Unlucky?” Li Chun was startled. “Then 3rd of March on the lunar calendar. That’s an auspicious date.”

“Unlucky,” Nameless Nie said.

“Heh, then I’d like to hear what date is auspicious.” Li Chun snorted.

Nameless Nie glanced at Li Chun. “If it’s you, every day is unlucky.”

“What did you say?!”

Li Chun’s father shot up to his feet instantly as he asked harshly.

“Do I need to repeat myself?” Nameless Nie asked aloofly.

“Punk, I’ll overlook your behavior since you’re Ling Miao’s nephew, but don’t act insolently here! Otherwise, no one can save you!” Li Chun warned darkly.

“I’ve looked into you.” Nameless Nie apathetically picked up some food from a dish on the table. “Your family does have some power here. Many factions have relationships with your family, and you’re no stranger to murder and arson. To put it plainly, it wouldn’t be an overstatement to call you a local tyrant.”

Nameless Nie’s lips curled up, and his appearance was harmless. “However, keep in mind who you’re talking to… If I wasn’t taking Old Ling into consideration, based on the attitude you took with me just now… you would be dead already.”

“Little brat, what mischief are you making?!” Auntie Ling admonished him quickly.

However, Nameless Nie walked to Ling Miao instead. “You like him.”

“It isn’t a matter of like or dislike,” Ling Miao replied.

Nameless Nie snorted. “Heh, so you’re still like that. You’re fine as long as Old Ling wants it.”

Ling Miao looked up and examined Nameless Nie, their eyes meeting.

“However, perhaps there’s one thing you’ve forgotten,” Nameless Nie said aloofly. “I got you by trading my abacus and calculator. You already belong to me.”

Before Ling Miao could speak, Nameless Nie grasped Ling Miao by her chin and ruthlessly kissed her lips.

Nameless Nie was claiming his territory.

This scene dumbfounded Li Chun, Auntie Ling, and the others, disbelief filling them.

When Ling Miao finally regained her senses and attempted to struggle, it was useless. She didn’t know whether she was unable to break free or didn’t want to break free.

“Since the day you met me more than 10 years ago, you weren’t allowed to escape. You can only be mine. I’ll slaughter the entire family of anyone who dares to hold any ulterior motives toward you and prevent you from getting married to anyone your whole life, unless it’s me.” Nameless Nie’s lips curled into a smirk as he stared at Ling Miao.

“Little brat…” Auntie Ling’s whole face was red as she stood up.

“Old Ling, you mustn’t hit me. You can’t beat me now anyway… I might not dare to retaliate, but we should talk reason.” Nameless Nie continued with a smile, “You broke off my path of being a business genius back then and took away my most precious abacus and calculator, so naturally, your most precious daughter could only become mine. We had a gentleman’s agreement.”

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