Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 2378 - Her whole family includes me

Chapter 2378: Her whole family includes me

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“AHHH!” A wretched scream escaped from Yin Heng from the intense pain.

On the side, Vice President Qin Zong wore a pitying expression and advised in a heartfelt manner, “Miss Worriless Nie, don’t hurt Nephew Yin. I implore you to surrender peacefully!”

Ye Wanwan ignored Qin Zong and started counting. “Three!”

Upon seeing this woman completely ignore him, the Vice President, Qin Zong’s expression looked terrible. “You absolutely can’t escape from your crimes now, but if you relent, perhaps you can strive for your family’s survival still!”

 “Two!” Ye Wanwan yelled.

Yin Heng sensed the terrifying murderous aura from the woman before him and sweat drenched his forehead. This woman had gone mad! She really dared to kill him!

Yin Heng suddenly discovered he was positioned on extremely dangerous forbidden ground. There was a great possibility Qin Zong wouldn’t care about his survival.

1Yin Heng hastily said, “Worriless Nie, think carefully! If I die, your son also won’t survive!”

The second Yin Heng said that, Ye Wanwan didn’t shout “One” and directly stomped on him again.


 The sound of another rib shattering.

At this moment, a furious roar abruptly erupted from the entrance.

“Yunmo! Stop!”

This low voice sent the whole room into a grim silence and every pair of eyes simultaneously shot toward the entrance.

Yi Lingjun arrived in a flurry. “Yunmo, what are you doing?”

Yin Heng released a sigh of relief when he saw Yi Lingjun, as though he’d seen his savior. “President, save me! This vixen… this vixen impersonated your daughter!”

Qin Zong walked toward Yi Lingjun before explaining, “President, calm down. This woman isn’t your daughter, Yi Yunmo. She’s actually the second daughter of Yun City’s Nie family, Worriless Nie!”

Qin Xiyuan piped in, “That’s right, President. This woman admitted it herself just now! I think it’s not only her! Her entire Nie family should be interrogated! It’s very possible her whole family is related to an evil cult!”

Yi Lingjun coldly glanced at Qin Xiyuan, the pressure of a superior instantly flooding out. “Her whole family is related to an evil cult… Miss Qin, are you implying that I, the President, am also related to an evil cult?”

Qin Xiyuan panicked and fretfully replied, “Why would you think that, President? That’s not what I meant! I was talking about Worriless Nie’s whole family!”

Yi Lingjun expressionlessly said, “I’m her father, so when you say her whole family, it naturally includes me.”

“You… you’re her father?” Qin Xiyuan thought Yi Lingjun still didn’t understand the situation, so she quickly explained, “President, are you still confused? This woman isn’t your beloved daughter, Yi Yunmo—she’s Worriless Nie!”

“Yin Heng abducted Worriless Nie’s son, but Yi Yunmo came running here and demanding the child back, directly admitting she’s Worriless Nie! With so many pairs of eyes watching, it’s absolutely true! She is that lowly woman!”

Yi Lingjun’s face turned icy. “That’s correct. Worriless Nie is my daughter!”

Worriless Nie is the President’s daughter? 

A commotion swept through the room following Yi Lingjun’s words, and everyone’s eyes shot open in shock. Qin Xiyuan’s pupils contracted abruptly, and she stared incredulously at Yi Lingjun. Yin Heng’s expression also changed.

What did Yi Lingjun just… say? 

Worriless Nie is his daughter? 

Has the President gone muddle-headed? 

At this moment, Medusa, who had followed Yi Lingjun, glanced at Yin Heng and Qin Zong before coldly asking, “Did you think the President would be so foolish that he’d mistake his own daughter?”

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