Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 2377 - I'm your Great Aunt Worriless Nie

Chapter 2377: I’m your Great Aunt Worriless Nie

Yin Heng quickly calmed himself down and confidently stared at the girl before him. He mockingly ridiculed, “Miss Yi, I did capture someone, but the person I captured is the son of Worriless Nie and my Eldest Brother, Nie Tangxiao!”

“However, what does this have to do with you? If someone were to panic, it should be Worriless Nie!”

“You merely look similar to Worriless Nie. You aren’t that child’s mother, so why are you this anxious? Don’t tell me you really are Worriless Nie?”

Yin Heng pressed, “Miss Yi Yunmo, could it be you’ve been Worriless Nie all along? You’ve impersonated the President’s daughter!”

Worriless Nie was still too inexperienced!

He originally thought she’d be tricky to handle and would contend with him in some manner. He didn’t expect that the mere act of kidnapping Nie Tangxiao would be enough to rattle her and make her reveal herself.

How could the dumbfounded crowd still remain clueless about the circumstances?

Worriless Nie impersonated President Yi’s daughter, Yi Yunmo, and Yin Heng abducted Worriless Nie’s son, causing Worriless Nie to reveal her own identity in her panic.

Qin Xiyuan clutched her mouth exaggeratedly, showing an expression of disbelief. “Oh my god! Is it true? Worriless Nie actually impersonated the President’s daughter, Miss Yi Yunmo?”

Following Qin Xiyuan’s exclamation, other people started reacting.

“I was wondering why two completely different people could look so similar. She actually dared to impersonate even the President’s daughter! Isn’t she too gutsy?!”

“Does this woman want to die? Does she know what she’s doing?”

Qin Xiyuan glanced at Ye Wanwan and murmured with feigned suspicion, “But what’s her objective for doing this?”

Someone immediately replied, “A spy! She must be a spy sent by an evil cult! This woman had dubious connections with the Rose of Death previously! Now she infiltrated the Arbitration Council; she must have ulterior motives!”

Qin Xiyuan nodded as though a realization dawned on her. “That’s true. Why else would she impersonate the President’s daughter and sneak her way in here? She must have ulterior motives! Thank goodness Yin Heng discovered her in time or else the consequences would’ve been simply unimaginable!”

As Yin Heng listened to the accusations of the higher-ups around him, he revealed a satisfied smile.

Finally… finally, everything would end!

The matter of Worriless Nie impersonating the President’s daughter was exposed, and the danger would be eliminated.

Worriless Nie was done for! At the same time, Si Yehan, who had acted as a guarantor for her, was also done for!

By abducting a little b*stard, Yin Heng eradicated all of his obstacles in one go and also accomplished a meritorious deed!

Yin Heng brazenly looked at Ye Wanwan. “How about it, Miss Yi? Am I correct? Oh, perhaps I should address you as Miss Worriless Nie now?”

“Heh, you’re wrong…” Ye Wanwan chuckled lowly, her chuckle inexplicably sending shivers down listeners’ backs.

Ye Wanwan paused for a moment before enunciating her next words carefully: “I! am! your! Great! Aunt! Worriless! Nie!”

“You…” Yin Heng’s expression darkened, and he promptly exclaimed frantically, “You admitted it! You finally admit you impersonated Yi Yunmo! You impersonated President Yi’s daughter!”

“Worriless Nie, you’re seriously too gutsy! You impersonated the daughter of the Arbitration Council’s president and attempted to spy on confidential information and entangle yourself with an evil cult. Every single one of your deeds is punishable by death!”

Ye Wanwan impatiently picked at her ears before putting force to her foot and completely breaking one of his ribs. “You have three seconds to release my baby. Otherwise, you’ll see whether you or I die first.”

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