Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 192: An outstanding performance

Chapter 192: An outstanding performance

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Thus, Ye Wanwan's makeup was as per usual. Paired with her wig and costume, the effect was outstanding.

As for the separate makeup room backstage, three girls were busy going in circles around Cheng Xue, getting her styled and ready.

"Wow! Little Xue, you look breathtaking today!"

"She's stunning every single day, alright? Our Little Xue has been the beauty queen of the school for three consecutive years!"

All this flattery put Cheng Xue in a good mood. She brushed her fingers covered in lace gloves against her delicate face gently, then asked stiffly, "Have all of you done what I asked?"

The short-haired girl nodded in excitement, "Done, done, everything's in place. Don't worry about it, Little Xue! You'll definitely be able to watch an outstanding performance today!"

At this moment, the tall and plump girl asked hesitantly, "Will Si Xia be mad at us for doing this?"

Cheng Xue's face turned frigid instantly, "What you meant was, will Si Xia be mad at me because of that ugly freak?"

Upon seeing that Cheng Xue was about to enter into a rage, the three of them quickly waved their hands, "Of course not! Why would he?!"

"Yes yes yes, wait till Si Xia sees how that ugly freak actually looks like! He'll die from disgust for sure!"

With that comment, Cheng Xue's face turned warmer, "If anything goes wrong today, the three of you can forget ever hanging out with me again!"

"Yes yes yes, everything will definitely go smoothly today! We have everything in order already, Little Xue, don't worry!"

At the front of the stage:

The lights shone, accompanied by a burst of music as male and female hosts went up on stage with bright smiles.

Below the stage, the students, teachers and leaders were seated.

After the hosts finished their opening speech and the school leader made a long and redundant speech, the show finally began.

There were many varieties of performances by the different classes--singing, dancing and comedic skits, everything under the sun. They fully showcased the students' talent and the progress of the school towards their goal. Enthusiastic applause erupted from the audience from time to time.

Senior year's class F's performance was placed at the end. It was rare to have both the school's beauty and hunk perform on the same stage. When the news was first announced, everyone highly anticipated this performance.

"Next up, we have senior year class F playing "Snow White". I believe everyone is familiar with this classic fairytale but today, our classmates are bringing a new twist to this play--it'll be like nothing you've seen before! Let's give them a warm welcome!"

"Hua la la——"

The loudest applause for the night resounded from the audience. Initially, the class thought that the audience would be sleepy from the long wait but they were all suddenly energized by the thunderous applause.

The teenagers raised their phones to take photos and cheered endlessly.

"Si Xia! Si Xia! Si Xia!!!"

"Ahhhh! My dream boy is finally about to appear!"

"Cheng Xue! Cheng Xue! Do your best, goddess!"

During the applause and shouts, the curtains on stage slowly rose and Cheng Xue stood gracefully in front of a mirror in a gorgeous red, European, medieval-style dress with a queen's crown on her head.

"Ahhhhh! The beauty's so gorgeous today! She's definitely the prettiest queen in history!"

"Why isn't the goddess playing Snow White? This doesn't make sense! Snow White's supposed to be more beautiful than the queen! Since Cheng Xue's acting as the queen, who's going to be Snow White?"

"Don't you know? Ye Wanwan is Snow White!"

"What? Ye Wanwan? Are you kidding me? Isn't she the ugliest girl in Qing He?"

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