Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 191: Perform the way you are

Chapter 191: Perform the way you are

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At the same time, in the girls' dormitory:

Cheng Xue's dressing table was a complete mess--there were broken mirror shards and expensive skincare products all over the floor.

The other three girls in the dormitory were trembling and hiding in the corner. Nobody dared to go close to her.

The three of them pushed each other in fright, and after Cheng Xue was done thrashing everything around her, one of the girls with short hair slowly walked towards her, "Little Xue, don't be mad anymore. That ugly girl, Ye Wanwan, is shameless and scheming. Si Xia was definitely taken in by her flowery speech! Actually, I have a suggestion that will reveal the true colours of that ugly freak for sure!"

Cheng Xue looked over at her in annoyance.

All the other girls pressed her, "What suggestion? Hurry, tell us!"

The girl with short hair spoke mysteriously, "Do you guys know what Ye Wanwan's most afraid of?"

"What is it?" The two of them didn't know and Cheng Xue also seemed to be racking her brains for the answer.

The girl with short hair replied excitedly, "It's obviously removing her makeup! After being in the same class for so long, has any one of you seen her without any makeup?"

The two girls turned to look at each other as the taller and larger girl shook her head, "Oh, we really haven't! But we can't be sure about this, right? Why would that ugly freak reveal her real face? She barely managed to conceal that terrifying face of hers with her thick makeup!"

The other sharp-chinned girl said mockingly, "That ugly freak thought that since nobody's seen how she really looks like, she could shamelessly declare how pretty she really looks and say that she put on this makeup just to prevent people from getting jealous! I really have no idea where she got the guts to say stuff like that!"

"Ay, probably because everybody's as dumb as her!"

"Also, there were rumours saying that not only was she born ugly, she probably got failed plastic surgery so she had no choice but to doll herself up like a ghost!"

"Yeah right! Failed plastic surgery?! For real?"

"Whether it's real or not, we'll find out once we see for ourselves, right?" the girl with short hair said with a sinister smile.

The two girls didn't understand, "Huh? How do we find out?"

The short-haired girl smiled mysteriously and walked towards Cheng Xue to whisper something in her ear.

Cheng Xue's cold and gloomy eyes gradually brightened up as she glanced at the short-haired girl like she was very satisfied with her suggestion, "This idea... isn't bad, we'll carry it out according to your plan, then!"


In the blink of an eye, it was finally the day of the performance.

The whole school was spick-and-span. There were banners welcoming the leaders of the school everywhere and the big hall was decorated with lights and streamers.

After Si Ye Han arrived at the school, Si Xia was brought home to nurse his illness and had only returned to school the day before the performance. Si Xia's dumb fans had been silent for awhile, allowing Ye Wanwan to have a few days of peace.

After the performance, major exams would be nearing and by then, she'd be able to completely shake off this crazy suitor.

Thinking about how close that day was, Ye Wanwan didn't even mind being in that stiff costume.

Cheng Xue had put in quite a bit of effort to prepare this costume which made her look even more terrifying than usual.

With the wig covered in cobwebs and the tattered costume made out of a monster hide, it looked truly demonic.

"Everybody, line up to get your makeup done! Hurry up, hurry up! Except you, Ye Wanwan, you don't need any makeup--just perform the way you are!"

"Hahahaha, why would she need any makeup? She can just go up on stage with her usual makeup look!"

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