Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1912 - Really true siblings

Chapter 1912: Really true siblings

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After half a day, Ye Wanwan still didn’t really understand what Nameless Nie was saying but felt like he made a lot of sense…

“Anyway, did you forget what I sold to you the first time we met?” Pride and confidence resurged on Nameless Nie’s face.

How could Ye Wanwan forget? The item Nameless Nie sold to her back then allowed her to shine brilliantly at the Ye family birthday banquet.

“I personally crafted all of those creations and specialized in the arts, so I’m too knowledgeable in this area. Don’t worry, these are a pair of couples’ rings for sure!” Nameless Nie continued.

“Alright…” Ye Wanwan was at a loss for words. Nameless Nie was right though. He was a lot more knowledgeable than First Elder in this specialty since he could craft his own masterpieces with a freaking lost technique. She couldn’t refute his expertise in this area.

“However… The male lovers’ ring also has extraordinary workmanship, strictly speaking… It’s just a lot dimmer in comparison to your ring. And the workmanship on this sapling is very particular… I’ll offer you $100. Sister, sell it to me.” Nameless Nie laughed mischievously.

Ye Wanwan glanced at him. “It’s not for sale.”

“Look at your stinginess. I look down on you.” Nameless Nie rolled his eyes at her.

Who gave him the courage to call me stingy? Although I’m really stingy, I’m slightly better than him, alright…? We really are true siblings…

After dismissing Nameless Nie, Ye Wanwan contacted Ji Xiuran.

She was engaged with Ji Xiuran back then, so this ring absolutely belonged to Ji Xiuran if the rings were truly couples’ rings.

Soon, Ji Xiuran arrived on time.

An inscrutable smile was on the man’s face as he naturally sat down next to Ye Wanwan.

“Did you have something urgent to discuss?” Ji Xiuran looked at her with his perpetual warm and gentle smile.

“Um… Is this yours?” Ye Wanwan took out the men’s ring and placed it in front of Ji Xiuran.

Ji Xiuran scanned the ring. “How could it be mine? I told you at the auction that I’ve only worn that one ring. Wasn’t it bought by Lord Asura?”

“It’s not yours…?”

Ye Wanwan became more surprised. What the heck was this situation?!

The female ring belonged to her, and she was absolutely certain the male ring didn’t belong to Si Yehan since he was clueless about the ring’s history and purpose… Now, even Ji Xiuran denied it.

Could it be… she freaking wore couples’ rings with someone else?!

At that moment, Ye Wanwan developed the best melodrama of the year in her mind but rejected it all a few breaths later. It wasn’t realistic.

If Worriless Nie really wore a couple’s ring with another man, the news would’ve tom through the entire Independent State.

Moreover, Nie Linglong and the fake Worriless Nie would’ve definitely sown discord between Ji Xiuran and her since this was a significant humiliation to Emperor Ji.

They weren’t child and mother rings, and she couldn’t find the owner of the men’s couples ring…

“Um… Do you recognize these two rings?”

Ye Wanwan handed both rings to Ji Xiuran.

“I haven’t. But based on the design and size, they should be matching couples’ rings, right? What, do you want to give it to me?” Softness flitted through Ji Xiuran’s eyes as he joked.

Ye Wanwan:

It’s a misunderstanding… An enormous misunderstanding…

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