Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1911 - Lovers ring

Chapter 1911: Lovers ring

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Nameless Nie gently placed his coffee cup on the table and looked at Ye Wanwan in surprise. “D*mn, sister, no way, right… You don’t even know about couples rings…? Couples rings—as the name indicates—what else could that mean? They’re lovers’ rings!”

“Lovers’ rings?”

Ye Wanwan was confused. The ring on her hand and the ring stolen from the Nie family were a pair of freaking lovers’ rings? What outrageous joke was this?

Ye Wanwan could understand it if they were child and mother rings, but what the heck was up with lovers’ rings? If they were really lovers’ rings, then… then who did this ring belong to?

Si Yehan didn’t understand the ring’s meaning, so could it be that the pair was… her old self… and Ji Xiuran?!

That was too melodramatic, right?!

Si Yehan carefully safeguarded her lover ring for so many years… and viewed it as a treasure… If Si Yehan learned the trutth”

Ye Wanwan couldn’t help but shiver. The nickname “Vinegar King of Asia” wasn’t an exaggeration… If Si Yehan learned the truth, this ring’s fate would be perilous!

“Wait… Our Fearless Alliance’s First Elder said these were child and mother rings. First Elder is wise and is considered the most knowledgeable individual in the Fearless Alliance…” Ye Wanwan murmured.

If she had to pick between First Elder and Nameless Nie, she’d definitely choose to believe First Elder. At least First Elder was more reliable overall.

“Does your First Elder… have a wife?” Nameless Nie asked her.

Ye Wanwan shook her head reflexively. She’d never heard anything about First Elder having a wife.

“See! That’s it. The First Elder of your Fearless Alliance is famous in the Independent State for being childless and wifeless! I heard he hasn’t even dated once in his life! Someone like him is knowledgeable and wise, but what the hell does he know about couples’ rings and matters between lovers?” Nameless Nie prattled on haughtily.

Ye Wanwan pensively turned to Nameless Nie and examined him for almost a minute before asking, “Um… do you have a girlfriend…?

Nameless Nie:

“Ahem… Something like a girlfriend is superficial and isn’t something you carry with you at birth or death… so no.”

Nameless Nie shook his head self-righteously.

“However… I might not have one now, but I used to have one…” Nameless Nie added.

“Oh? Which girl was blind enough?” A thirst for gossip was ignited in Ye Wanwan instantly.

Nameless Nie suddenly sunk into silence without any sign, and an expression never before seen surfaced in his eyes— an unspeakable desolation and indescribable emotion.

Ye Wanwan furrowed her brows. There seemed to be a story…

“All that is history. Who wasn’t young and stupid once? Who hasn’t dabbled in romance once… Forget about that. I’ll clearly tell you that these absolutely aren’t some child and mother rings though. If they are, I’ll kill myself in front of you. They’re couples’ rings,” Nameless Nie adamantly swore.

Then Nameless Nie had Ye Wanwan take off her ring and put the two rings side by side for comparison.

“Look. First, we start with the material. If they’re child and mother rings, the rings should’ve been produced by the same person, and their workmanship shouldn’t be so different in quality.”

“Second, look at the design on the back. Your ring is missing a few strokes and this ring has a few strokes. Overall, it looks like a tree sapling. The sapling is the man, and the plant is the woman. Finally, the size of your ring is suitable for a woman to wear while this ring is obviously a men’s size, alright? Since when did a pair of child and mother rings have a gender distinction? Dummy,” Nameless Nie explained.

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