Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1909 - Too shameless

Chapter 1909 Too shameless

After saying that, First Elder handed the ring back to Ye Wanwan.

Material and workmanship were all Greek to Ye Wanwan, so she couldn’t tell the difference. But after First Elder pointed it out, Ye Wanwan carefully examined the markings behind the ring and discovered that there were several unnoticeable extra strokes as First Elder mentioned. If she placed the two rings side by side and compared them, some minute differences could be seen.

“If… I’m correct, they should be child and mother rings,” First Elder said.

“Alphabet[l] ring? Letters like ABCD?” Big Dipper was dumbfounded.

First Elder didn’t look at him and continued to explain to Ye Wanwan: “Child and mother rings are a pair of rings with the mother ring as the lead and the child ring as the subsidiary… For example, if the most important token in the Fearless Alliance was a ring, then your ring would be the mother ring, President, representing the highest power. Md as the First Elder, might be granted a son ring if the President Fearless recognized me. This would mean that I’d have the highest status below the President in the entire Fearless Alliance. That’s how it’d work.”

“D*mn… First Elder, aren’t you too shameless?! This is blatantly hinting… wait no, it’s an outright suggestion!”

“Power… Ring… Child and mother ring…” Ye Wanwan frowned deeply. If it was truly as First Elder said, then… the amount of information behind these two rings would be too immense… Child and mother ring—just what did they represent”.?

“President, I’m not saying this ring represents power or anything; I was just raising an example,” First Elder clarified. “Are you sure we stole this from the Nie family?” Ye Wanwan was doubtful.

Why would they steal… No, why would the Nie family have such a ring…?

“I’m sure.” First Elder nodded. “Because we’ve only ever stolen from the Nie family… and everything in this cabinet was stolen from the Nie family…”

“Alright. That’s all, then.”

Ye Wanwan waved her hand and left the library.

Without a moment’s pause, Ye Wanwan called Nameless Nie and asked him to meet her at a nearby coffeehouse.

About two hours later, Nameless Nie fierily entered the coffeehouse, and Ye Wanwan was sitting in her usual spot.

“Haha, good sister… are you planning to buy the antidote? Brother told you that your life is most important. Don’t worry, Brother won’t ask a lot from you since we’re all family… But your life is so valuable, Sister. If I accept too little, it’d be equivalent to humiliating you and slapping your face… So just give me 100 or 200 million…” Nameless Nie fired away hopefully as soon as he sat down across from Ye Wanwan.

Why don’t you freaking commit robbery? 100 or 200 million? I’d rather the love gu act up and kill me!

“It’s not related to the love gu and its antidote.” Ye Wanwan stared Nameless Nie down. “Is there something you’re hiding from me?”

Nameless Nie was startled. “How did you know…?”

“I knew it…” Ye Wanwan narrowed her eyes.

“Although I asked for some betrothal gifts from Eldest Young Master Shen… it’s for your own good, Sister. D*mn, disliking even Eldest Young Master Shen—do you want to take off into space?” Nameless Nie was agitated.

“You freaking accepted betrothal gifts behind my back?!”

“Fine, I’ll give you some… I’ll take 70 and you can take 30…”

“Don’t waste my time. I’m not talking about that… Let me ask you, do you recognize this ring or not?” Ye Wanwan opened her right palm with irritation.

[1] “Child” is a homophone of “letter” in Chinese

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