Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1908 - We didn’t plunder this

Chapter 1908: We didn’t plunder this

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Two identical rings truly sent her mind spinning. Ye Wanwan was certain that these two rings had some definite connection. If she could discover the origin of one of them, perhaps she could figure out the history and purpose of the ring she was wearing.

Si Yehan previously said that she personally handed this ring to Si Yehan, and it was her most prized accessory. Combined with the attempted robbery from the expert in China, Ye Wanwan was very curious about the purpose of this ring and its history.

“This side, is it…? I did do this one with the President…”

First Elder walked forward and examined the jewels, antiques, jades, and treasures sitting on the cupboard and sunk into contemplation.

“Do you still remember where we got it?” Ye Wanwan asked.

“The President and I teamed up only two or three times… so I still have some recollection…” First Elder stared at the cupboard pensively. “Maybe we robbed the Shen family…”

“The Shen family?” Ye Wanwan was surprised.

First Elder promptly shook his head. “Wait, no, we robbed the Shen family of gold bricks that time…”

Ye Wanwan:”…”

“Oh… I remember. We didn’t plunder this,” First Elder said.

“If we didn’t plunder this… where did it come from?” Ye Wanwan was baffled.

“Have you forgotten, President? We stole this…” First Elder smiled at her. “Thinking back on it, it’s been a few years.”

“S-stole it?! D*mn! Why didn’t I know we did such a wretched and inhumane thing…? When has the Fearless Alliance been so shameless to actually commit petty theft?!” Big Dipper asked in utter shock.

Their Fearless Alliance might not be some moral entity, but they always scorned petty theft.

“Petty theft?” First Elder shot Big Dipper a look. “You might have some misunderstanding regarding the word ‘petty’.”

Ye Wanwan reflexively looked at the entire cabinet and the glittering and dazzling jewels and treasures and calligraphy and paintings resting on it… All of that really couldn’t be considered “petty”…

Big Dipper also sunk into contemplation staring at the cabinet before a realization dawned on him. “Infamous bandits!” Ye Wanwan ignored him and turned to First Elder. “Do you still remember where we… stole it from, First Elder?”

“I do.” First Elder nodded. “We’ve only committed one theft, and it was from the Nie family.”

“The Nie family…”

Ye Wanwan was bewildered. Why did they steal something from the Nie family…?

Wait, her focus seemed to be incorrect. It should be why did the Nie family have an identical ring?

“Eh… Sis Feng, why did the ring turn into two rings?” Big Dipper curiously stared at the ring on Ye Wanwan’s finger and the ring she was holding.

“First Elder, look at this ring.” Ye Wanwan handed the ring she picked from the cabinet shelf to First Elder.

First Elder accepted the ring and carefully examined it. A moment later, he concluded, “This ring is indeed very similar to the ring on your hand, President, but it’s not identical.”

“Oh…?” Ye Wanwan was startled.

“First, the material of this ring is completely different and isn’t as valuable as the one you’re wearing, President.

Second, the workmanship. Although this ring’s workmanship is very particular too, it’s at least two levels lower than the President’s ring… Third, the markings behind the ring has several extra strokes. It’s hard to distinguish unless you inspect it carefully.”

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