Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1848 - I didn’t do it

Chapter 1848 I didn’t do it

Si Yehan didn’t get angry at Eleven, who had lost his composure, and silently watched him instead.

“Si Yehan, it appears you really don’t have much humanity in you,” Eleven coldly mocked after sitting back down.

Ye Wanwan furrowed her brows. During her last venture in China, Ye Wanwan frequently mingled with Eleven, Little Stutterer Feng Xuanyi, and the others, so she once heard Eleven mention his girlfriend, Lin Yun.

Moreover, when Yuan Sheng, the hidden guard trained by Qin Ruoxi, fought with Eleven during the qualification trials to be the captain of the Si family hidden guards, Yuan Sheng specifically used Lin Yun’s death to ridicule Eleven’s ineptitude. It was that time that Eleven’s state of mind collapsed and he nearly died in Yuan Sheng’s hands.

Eleven once mentioned he was unable to protect his beloved woman, Lin Yun, due to his incompetence and caused her to die tragically. Hence, Ye Wanwan always thought Lin Yun jumped into a lake to commit suicide after being sexually assaulted by drunken men… Now though, Eleven was saying Lin Yun died in Si Yehan’s hands. What was going on?

Eleven saw Ye Wanwan’s confused expression and apathetically said, “Ye Wanwan, I remember once telling you that my childhood sweetheart was humiliated by drunken men at knifepoint… and I abandoned my girlfriend and ran out of fear… and caused Lin Yun to take her life in the lake… In truth, that’s just a story I made up… The original version was that Si Yehan found my girlfriend and my residence and ordered people to capture me. I happened to be out and only my girlfriend was home… Those people tried to coerce Lin Yun into revealing my information, but she refused, so they ended up killing her…”

Ye Wanwan remained silent.

“What do you think? Isn’t this very similar to the story I made up…? In the end, my girlfriend died because of me… It’s just that the truth is cruder. In the edited story, my girlfriend committed suicide after she was assaulted by drunken men, but the truth was… my brother killed my girlfriend.”

Ye Wanwan still didn’t say anything because she knew Si Yehan absolutely wouldn’t do something like that.

However, Eleven looked like he was telling the truth… so there had to be some giant secret behind all of this.

“What, Old Nine, isn’t there anything you want to say?” Eleven’s gaze landed on Si Yehan.

Si Yehan expressionlessly replied, “If I didn’t do it, why should I say anything?”

Eleven’s eyes shot open in anger. “Si Yehan, I’ve truly overestimated you! You aren’t a man at all! You dared to do it but don’t have the guts to admit it?”

“Seventh Master… There must be a misunderstanding here. If something like this happened, I would know for sure…” Xu Yi hastily said.

Si Yehan might be vicious and savage, but he absolutely wouldn’t do this kind of thing!

Having someone hunt down Eleven and kill Eleven’s girlfriend? It was utter nonsense!

Moreover, even if Ninth Master really did this, he would openly admit it.

“Haha, Brother Eleventh, I’m an outsider and the business of the Si family has nothing to do with me, so I’m not biased. I just want to know who told you these things?” First Elder, who had been content watching the show from the sidelines, suddenly asked with a grin.

“Someone told me, of course,” Eleven replied.

“Who was it? Can you tell us?” Ye Wanwan inquired.

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