Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1847 - We’re brothers

Chapter 1847 We’re brothers

Si Yehan was silent for a moment, not knowing how to answer.

This supposed marriage was merely a lie generated to make Ye Wanwan believe the story he fabricated, so how could they have a son?

“What are you standing around for? Capture Si Yehan!”

The nearby Qin Ruoxi suddenly ordered coldly.

The Si family’s hidden guards grew restless.

Although the fighting forces outside the Si residence were subdued by the people Si Yehan brought, there was still a lot of usable manpower inside the Si residence, so everything would go smoothly as long as they captured Si Yehan!

“I didn’t order for Si Yehan to be captured right now.” Eleven looked at Qin Ruoxi frostily.

“But, Mr. Eric…” Qin Ruoxi frowned at him.

Eleven ignored her and turned to the nearby Xu Yi. “Prepare some food and alcohol, Xu Yi. Old Nine and I are going to talk.”

Xu Yi looked at Si Yehan and waited for his nod before actually leaving.

A moment later, several people followed Eleven into the living room while the Si family higher-ups and Qin Ruoxi waited outside. Si Yehan and Ye Wanwan’s respective group also entered.

At the dinner table, Eleven smiled and said, “Old Nine, this is a plate of black-hearted meat specifically prepared for you.”

Si Yehan didn’t pick up his chopsticks and simply watched Eleven calmly.

“Old Nine, you must’ve never expected me to change my face, hide in the Si family, and become a minor hidden guard, right?” Eleven asked with a faint smile.

“Say, Seventh Brother, don’t be so foolish. From the first time you came to the Si family to apply to be a hidden guard, Ninth Brother knew you were Seventh Brother,” Lin Que said after throwing a piece of fatty meat into his mouth.

Eleven’s expression shifted. “Impossible!”

“How’s it impossible? Seventh Brother, don’t you know your own martial arts skills… With your skills, how did you manage to enter the Si family if it weren’t for Ninth Brother’s approval?” Lin Que explained.

Eleven sunk into silence.

A moment later, Big Dipper suddenly picked up his chopsticks and said to Seven Star, First Elder, and Third Elder, “Come, come, come, let’s eat and drink… None of it is poisoned.”

“How do you know it’s not poisoned?” Third Elder was puzzled.

“Of course I know.” Big Dipper pointed at Lin Que. “I watched this guy eat a bunch. He should be dead now if it was poisonous.”

Ye Wanwan:

Lin Que cursed, “F*ck… why are you freaking so evil?! You treated me like a guinea pig?”

“Pay attention to your tone and attitude when you speak to me… Or else I’m gonna make you the next headline.” Big Dipper rolled his eyes.

Eleven’s lips turned up. “Heh… So it’s like that… Nicely done, Old Nine, you saw through my identity but didn’t say a word and had me stay in the Si family within your sight… This way, you could kill me anytime you wanted.”

“Kill you?” the silent Si Yehan suddenly asked. “Why?”

“Why?!” Eleven abruptly stood up, nearly flipping the table. “Old Nine, why are freaking trying to pretend with me?!”

Si Yehan didn’t take offense and remained seated. He looked at Eleven and said, “We’re brothers.”

“Brothers?!” Eleven threw his head back with laughter. “Are we brothers? Was Old Eight your brother? Brothers, huh… My girlfriend, Lin Yun, died in the hands of the Si family hidden guards that you sent! But now you’re freaking telling me we’re brothers?!”

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