Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 180: Unparalleled

Chapter 180: Unparalleled

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The study was dead silent.

Si Ye Han sat on the wide and simple antique chair and looked at the teenager standing upright in the middle of the living room.

Liu Ying's face was filled with stubbornness and discontentment like a wild and unruly wolf cub. There was only one way to tame a person like him, and that was to be stronger than him.

Otherwise, he'd never submit to you to his death.

After some time, Si Ye Han finally spoke, "You have something to say about my taste in women?"

Liu Ying's eyes widened the moment he heard that question-- Of course I do!!!

"I wouldn't dare," he mumbled.

"You wouldn't dare?" Si Ye Han's low voice brought a great sense of oppression.

The teenager gritted his teeth. After holding back for so long, he couldn't take it any longer. "Actually, I do have an opinion! Master, I don't understand why you'd choose a woman like Ye Wan Wan?"

"Then in your mind, what kind of woman do you think I should choose?" Si Ye Han asked in reply.

Liu Ying answered without hesitation, "Of course someone who's beautiful both inside and out, and knowledgeable and skilled in martial arts! Only then would she be compatible with you! How could you be with a useless bum who needs your protection all the time and could bring you down anytime? I don't believe you're just one of those worldly men who only care about appearances!"

Being at his master's side for so long, he knew clearly how harsh his master's standards were. Everybody believed he didn't want to be close to women, but it was because ordinary women were unattractive to him and they were essentially from different planets. Furthermore, this person had to become his life partner.

"Beautiful both inside and out, knowledgeable and skilled in martial arts..." Si Ye Han paused and looked at the teenager, "You mean I should marry you and Xu Yi?"

Liu Ying: "..."

The moment Si Ye Han said that, Liu Ying's brain crashed instantly and he was dumbfounded. Following that, his ears and neck were red as he contested, "How... how's that possible?! What I meant was... was..."

Although Xu Yi was in charge of the internal matters while he was in charge of the external ones, and he was a good fighter whereas Xu Yi was very knowledgeable, and the two of them together did fit his criteria... he didn't mean it that way!

Master's obviously taking it out of context!

"Who told you that my partner needs to have just these two criteria?" Si Ye Han asked softly, his icy-cold gaze appeared as if he despised every living creature in the world.

Immediately, Liu Ying sought his opinion earnestly, "Then, master, what do you think she should be like?"

He had never heard his own master mention his criteria for a spouse, so naturally, he was very eager to find out.

Liu Ying held his breath and fixed his eyes on Si Ye Han, awaiting his reply.

After a long time, his low and hoarse voice filled the quiet air, "Unparalleled."

Liu Ying: "..."

He knew how high his master's standards were but never expected them to be that high.

What does "unparalleled" even mean?

Looks, brains and skills aren't enough? He needs someone to be extraordinary and omnipotent?

After the initial shock, he was still speechless.

Master, are you serious?

That dumb wretch, who can't even kill a chicken and hasn't graduated from high school, is considered 'unparalleled'?

Even MMsRuo Xi can't match the meaning of this one word.

The moment Xu Yi returned from sending Ye Wan Wan home, he saw a mushroom cloud forming on Liu Ying's head as he squatted by the foot of the wall. He sighed helplessly and walked over, "Got scolded, didn't you?"

"Xu Yi, do you know the master's criteria for his spouse?" Liu Ying asked Xu Yi.

Xu Yi paused, "I'm not sure, but it should be something quite perverted, right?!"

Liu Ying: "Master told me just now; he said one word."

"Which word was it?" Xu Yi was intrigued.

"!" Liu Ying mouthed each syllable in exaggeration.

Xu Yi: "Uh..."

"How could that stupid and weak girl bear the meaning of this word?!" Liu Ying exploded again.

Xu Yi wiped his sweat awkwardly, "Probably because... beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!"

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