Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 179: Become so strong that she could be his rival

Chapter 179: Become so strong that she could be his rival

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"Yup, I'm already eighteen, I'm allowed to drink..." Jiang Yan Ran replied meekly like she was afraid that Ye Wanwan would scold her.

"Where are you right now?" Ye Wanwan asked, concerned.

"By the lake..."

"The little lake in school?"


Ye Wanwan's head started to hurt. "You're so tipsy now, you might fall into the lake by accident! Hurry and head back to the dorms!"

What an honest kid; I just casually warned her to help her calm down but she's actually listening to me!

"But I'm... I'm lost..."

Ye Wanwan: "..."

Oh, big missy, how could you get lost in your own school?!

"Forget it, find somewhere and stay there; I'll get someone to fetch you."

Ye Wanwan warned Jiang Yan Ran repeatedly then gave Chu Feng a call, asking him to go to the little lake to look for Jiang Yan Ran before hanging up.

After the call, Ye Wanwan turned to Si Ye Han and said, "That was Yan Ran, the new roommate I told you about before. She got drunk in school and now can't find her way back to the dorms so I asked a boy from the neighbouring school to find her. That guy has a crush on Jiang Yan Ran, he seems quite nice..."

The Si Ye Han in her past life was extremely controlling, almost to the point where it was perverted. He investigated everybody around her.

Even if his intention was to keep her safe, his behaviour was still revolting to her.

In her past life, the only way she tried to resist was to try to escape but this time, she thought that if she became strong enough to protect herself, and even become Si Ye Han's rival, maybe she could regain her freedom that way?

Although the latter was still a fantasy for her at the moment.

Ye Wanwan continued, "It's so late already, I've got to go back. Though tomorrow's a weekend, our class has a rehearsal tomorrow morning so I have to rush back. I'm also worried about Yan Ran being alone in the dorm. You should hurry and talk business with Ms Ruo Xi!"

Even though Si Ye Han looked indifferent as usual and didn't say a word in response, Ye Wanwan could sense that he was unhappy.

She really felt that Si Ye Han's thoughts were harder to decipher than a woman's.

Before, when she was messing around and making a scene over and over to provoke Liu Ying on purpose, he wasn't mad at all. But now when she's being sensible and caring for her friend, he's upset?

Where's the logic?

Fortunately, Si Ye Han relented in the end and got Xu Yi to send her back.

As it was pretty late, the old madam was already asleep so Ye Wanwan didn't want to disturb her and only informed the old housekeeper of her departure.

In the living room, Qin Ruo Xi was up waiting and hadn't gone to bed. When she saw Ye Wanwan coming downstairs to say goodbye, she was surprised, " Ms Ye, you're leaving? It's so late, why don't you stay over and sleep here?"

Liu Ying, who was off to the side, scoffed, "How is she qualified to stay in the old house..."

Liu Ying hadn't finished his sentence but was forced to retreat by an icy glare shot at him. He shut his mouth in an instant.

That glare seemed like nothing but it was as if it brought an immense power like a huge, heavy mountain had suddenly pressed down on his chest.

Liu Ying hung his head low and his back broke out in a cold sweat. But after the scare, he became even more furious.

After Ye Wanwan and Xu Yi left, Si Ye Han turned to the teenager, "Liu Ying, come over."

Liu Ying clenched his fists, "Yes!"

Qin Ruo Xi turned to the both of them, worried, "Ye Han, don't blame Liu Ying, he didn't mean it, you know how he's like..."

"Ms Ruo Xi, you don't have to speak up for me!" Liu Ying followed Si Ye Han into the study without a word.

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