Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 18: Study hard

Chapter 18: Study hard

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Qing He High School:

A renowned school known to have the best teaching standards and highest enrollment rate in Imperial City.

Ye Wan Wan studied overseas and returned at the age of 16. She didn't take the entrance exam and shouldn't technically have been able to enter Qing He.

She was only able to enter due to the fact that her dad was the acting chairman of Ye Holdings at the time, allowing her to enter through the back door, so to speak.

She had already been in high school for 4 years, from the ages of 16 to 20, yet she had yet to graduate.

Initially, she didn't do well in school because she had fallen in love. Her teenage heart was with Gu Yue Ze, who was tall and handsome. She spent all day thinking of how to please him, wrote him hundreds of love letters and even folded a thousand paper cranes.

After all that, her grades suffered due to this boy.

The morning glow from the sun shone brightly on her green wig. Ye Wan Wan stood in front of the gates of Qing He High School and looked at the four enormous words "Qing He High School" overhead. She made a commitment to herself in her heart——

No matter what, this time nobody is going to stop me from studying hard!

She entered the familiar yet unfamiliar school grounds, with two paths lined with big old trees and air filled with a crisp scent of grass. Further up was a row of vintage, red-tiled buildings, with the speakers broadcasting melodious music and groups of students carrying their schoolbags engrossed in chatter while making their way to class...

After so many days of being reborn, this was the first time that Ye Wan Wan actually felt alive again.

Glancing at the azure blue sky above her, she almost had the urge to cry.

She didn't even care about the strange looks and whispers around her.

Compared to what she had gone through in her previous life, school gossip didn't hurt her one bit.

"Whoa! Who is that! She gave me such a shock that I nearly knocked into a tree!" a boy swerved away from a big tree with a face filled with shock.

The girl at the side replied in a high-pitched voice, "You don't know her? She's Ye Wan Wan from F class!"

"Damn! SHE is Ye Wan Wan? Really, seeing her for myself is better than hearing about her a hundred times from other people."

Another girl said with disgust on her face, "Never mind that she puts on such heavy makeup and dresses weirdly, but her grades are atrocious as well. It's been 4 years and she still hasn't graduated. I heard she has quite an indecent personal life, always skipping classes to fool around. Why is a person like this not expelled yet? She's a disgrace to Qing He High!"

One of the students interrupted, "Maybe they couldn't expel her! Apparently, she comes from a wealthy family. Didn't she enter through the back door?"

The girl scoffed, "Oh please! Shen Meng Qi said that Ye Wan Wan's father embezzled money and was fired. He's even in a buttload of debt with the loan sharks!

Apparently her days are numbered here. I heard the school decided to convince her to drop out. After all, the top management leader will be coming to observe today and if he finds out that our school has this kind of student, then our decades-long prestige will be destroyed!"

The few onlookers around them rejoiced, "Finally we don't have to be in the same school as a girl like this!"


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