Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 17: Stop teasing me or you'll regret it!

Chapter 17: Stop teasing me or you'll regret it!

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Shortly, breakfast was served by the servants. The four of them sat down and started eating.

Ye Wan Wan looked at Si Ye Han sitting next to her and then turned to Lin Que and Xie Zhe Zhi sitting opposite.

She felt like she was in a fantasy, being able to dine on the same table with these 3 big shots.

Afterall, these 3 gentlemen here would all become important and influential people in the future.

Needless to say for Si Ye Han, he would have control over the whole Si family.

As for Lin Que, he may look quite powerless now but in reality, he was born into a military-political aristocratic family. His grandfather was one of the founding fathers, Lin Zheng Rong, General Lin. The Lin Que 7 years later was also all-powerful and ruthless in the political scene.

However, due to the fact that the Ye family was in the entertainment business, Ye Wan Wan paid the most attention to the actor Xie Zhe Zhi.

He must've felt Ye Wan Wan sneaking glances at him. Xie Zhe Zhi tilted his head, blinked at her with his seductive peach blossom eyes and asked, "Little Ye, do you want an autograph?"

Damn! He caught me with just that one glance!

This guy was exactly like a male fox--no wonder he stole the hearts of all the girls in Z country.

An autograph?! Of course I want one!

Xie Zhe Zhi's going to be an Oscar award-winning actor in the future! Z country's very first male actor with an Oscar award! This autograph would be worth quite a lot if I sold it!

Even now, Xie Zhe Zhi received numerous big awards and was the most popular guy in the entertainment scene--the male actor that every teenage girl in Z country was crazy for.

Aside from his autograph, just any telephone booth that featured his public photo became a popular attraction that many fangirls would swarm to take pictures of.

But considering the possessiveness of that pervert Si Ye Han, Ye Wan Wan eventually shook her head to herself.

How could I dare to keep another man's autograph? There's no way unless I'm tired of living!

Seeing that Ye Wan Wan obviously wanted his autograph but painfully rejected it after peeking at Ye Si Han, Xie Zhe Zhi laughed, "Little Ye is really cute."

Ye Wan Wan: "..."

Stop this, Movie god Xie! Stop teasing me or I will fall out with you! Can't you see the mushroom cloud of anger forming on top of your buddy's head?

Lin Que shot a look at Xie Zhe Zhi and curled his lips in disapproval, "Xie the third, where are your standards? You're teasing even someone like Ye Wan Wan..."

Xie Zhe Zhi's fingers lightly stroked the dewy petals of the rose in the vase and said softly, "All the girls in the world are flowers; they should all be treasured and loved."

His words spoke right to Ye Wan Wan's heart. Ye Wan Wan immediately glared at Lin Que and said, "Heard that? Learn something from that, you single dog!"

Lin Que flared up, "Damn! Who're you calling a single dog? You're the single dog!"

Ye Wan Wan tilted her head towards Si Ye Han next to her, "Darling, Lin junior called me a single dog! What does he mean by that, is he cursing us to break up?"

Hearing Ye Wan Wan call him "Darling" was like having sweet streams flowing through his damaged brain but having heard the end of that sentence, he turned to stare coldly at Lin Que.

Lin Que immediately curled into a ball cowardly, "9th brother, I was wrong *sob sob sob*..."

Ye Wan Wan, you crook!

Xie Zhe Zhi looked at Si Ye Han with his head tilted, who was fixated on the woman sitting opposite with heavy makeup and a green wig, "Hey buddy, I haven't seen you for a few days and this little girl of yours seems to have become a different person entirely?"

Si Ye Han looked at her.

Become a different person?

Her only change was that she became slightly smarter and decided to change her strategy of running away from me.

As he saw Si Ye Han's eyes turn dark, Xie Zhe Zhi raised his brows with a mischievous grin on his face, "Tsk, since you already know her motive, why do you still give in to her? This is so unlike you!"

"I'm full! Heading to school now!"

At this moment, Ye Wan Wan had finished her breakfast, picked up her school bag and luggage, and waved goodbye to Si Ye Han.

Just as she was about to leave, she turned back and skipped towards Si Ye Han. Carrying her school bag, she hugged Si Ye Han's neck and kissed him on the lips, "Don't forget to miss me!"

After she'd said her piece, she left the 3 speechless men and skipped away happily.

After a long while, Si Ye Han lounged lazily on his seat and looked at his friends indifferently, "Because I found out that, I actually... like having sweet melons better."

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