Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1784 - I’m afraid you can’t afford it

Chapter 1784 I’m afraid you can’t afford it

The female assistant, Feng Ying, became more proud of herself when she saw Luo Chen at a loss for words. She said disparagingly, “Didn’t your Mighty Manager Ye come running here today to curry Brother Shao’s good favor? Whys she pretending to be so virtuous? 0

“Tsk tsk, didn’t she act like the entire entertainment industry was her domain? What? Is she scared now?”

Feng Ying intentionally spoke in a volume that everyone could hear clearly. “Do you know what this is called? Its called however strong you are, there’s always someone stronger! Some people should grasp their own importance first!

“She’s just grasping onto a rotten log but still thinks she’s hugging some golden thigh! How ridiculous!”

Shao Heng stood on the side with his wine glass in hand, aloofly watching this ruckus.

To him, these people were merely dogs with few uses.

It was their honor to have their popularity leeched by him.

“Feng Ying, what dogsh*t are you spouting?! You’re the one freaking grasping a rotten log! So what if the entertainment industry is my Brother Yes domain?!”

Whenever Gong Xu encountered something related to Ye Wanwan, he was much easier to detonate and he would start to speak without thinking.

As expected, his words stirred some trouble.

Gong Xu’s words were equivalent to calling Shao Heng a “rotten log.”

“Pft, what did Gong Xu just say? The entertainment industry’s Ye Baps domain?”

“Daring to say this kind of thing in front of someone from Stars Entertainment—an ignorant person is truly fearless!”

Feng Ying burst out laughing. “Hahaha, the entertainment industry is your domain? You have quite the ego! Does Stars Entertainment have to obey your Mighty Manager Ye, huh?”

Feng Ying sounded like he was teasing an idiot, evoking another round of jeering laughter.

“Hahaha, that’s right, that’s right. She’s so impressive, so of course Stars Entertainment has to obey her ton!” 0

“I’m going to die from laughter! Just who gave him the courage?”

Shao Heng elegantly sipped from his glass and snorted, derision apparent on his face.

He slowly walked over at last and leisurely strolled toward them. He gracefully said, “Miss Ye, I might not be too capable, but I do cherish old friendships. You took such good care of my manager previously, so I can’t stand by and do nothing now that you’ve fallen on hard times. How about this? I happen to be lacking an assistant; are you interested, Miss Ye?”

Ye Wanwan raised her brows slightly. An assistant?”

Admiration filled Feng Yings face immediately. “Brother Shao, you’re too nice! You still care about friendships with someone like her!”

She was once the Director of the Talent Recruitment Department and a golden manager but was now publicly invited by Shao Heng to become his assistant…

They were slapping her face in front of everybody without a doubt.

Ling Shaozhe looked immensely satisfied. “Hurry up and thank Brother Shao! You’re seriously one lucky b*stard!”

“Ah!” Feng Ling exclaimed abruptly. “Brother Shao, your assistant quota is full already! What should we do?”

Shao Heng intentionally pretended to be clueless. Its full?”

Feng Ling cheerfully replied, “However, I’m still missing an errand girl, so how about you become my assistant, Miss Ye?”

Feng Ling mockingly looked at Ye Wanwan. “Mighty Manager Ye, you won’t think the position is too low, right? Unfortunately, our Brother Shao has very high standards for his assistants, so I’m afraid you’re only qualified to run errands for me here.”

“F*ck you…”

Before Gong Xu could finish cursing, Ye Wanwan extended her arm and blocked Gong Xu behind her. Then she nonchalantly said, “Heh, Mr. Shao wants to hire me as an assistant? I’m afraid… you can’t afford it:”

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