Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1783 - Giving so much face

Chapter 1783 Giving so much face

Han Xianyu naturally detected everyone’s malicious and mocking gazes. He reflexively used his body to block those gazes and protect Ye Wanwan. “Let’s go over there to eat something!’

Ye Wanwan nodded. “Sure.”

Han Xianyu didn’t want drama, but other people were on a different page.

Shao Hengs junior assistant strutted toward them with several celebrities clustered around her. She snorted and said, “What a rare guest, Mighty Manager Ye! I didn’t expect you to attend Shao Hengs birthday banquet! I’m truly thankful to you for giving so much face…”

The junior assistant evidently heard Gong Xu’s earlier words.

Upon seeing this, everyone waited for a good show.

Ye Bai was probably in for a stroke of bad luck now!

Han Xianyu and the others were also worried. Fei Yang was prepared to mediate the matter when Ye Wanwan glanced at the junior assistant and expressionlessly answered, “You’re welcome’

The onlookers: “…”

Shao Heng: “…”

This woman seriously dared to talk!

It appeared Yao hawen was right. This woman probably suffered a shock and went mad.

The junior assistant insincerely smiled and said, “I heard Sister hawen was indebted in your care a few days ago?”

The word “care was darkly uttered.

Shao Heng was currently signed onto Emperor Sky Entertainment, and his current manager was Yao Jiawen.

Yao Jiawen previously wanted to sign Luo Chen, Gong Xu, and Jiang Yanran to herself, but the three of them wouldn’t agree no matter what. After Shao Heng was signed on, Yao Jiawen expressed her loyalty to Ye Yiyi every which way and managed to obtain Shao Heng.

This junior assistant was also her confidante.

Ye Wanwan was pensive. It appeared Yao Jiawen complained about her to Shao Heng after seeing a lack of activity from Hongxing Gang.

The junior assistant spoke covertly, so nobody else understood and merely thought the junior assistant was referring to how Yao Jiawen was previously Ye Wanwan’s assistant.

When they thought about this, everyone couldn’t

help but muse at the twist of fate.

“Tsk tsk, back then, Yao Jiawen was just Ye Baps assistant, but now, she’s the General Manager of the Age of Immortals and has an awesome artist like Shao Heng under her!”

“Right? The wheel of fortune turns!”

The junior assistant laughed. “I thought Mighty Manager Ye wouldn’t ever return in her lifetime! What? Did you spend all your money and come back to fish for some more? Heh, that’s true. It might be impossible for you to be a manager anymore, but this face of yours is still worth something!”

Right now, Ye Wanwan’s father and brother had their power stolen, and the company was gone. Hence, anyone in the entertainment company could step on someone like her who didn’t have

any background, not to mention Shao Hengs assistant.

The junior assistants words were extremely nasty, but she didn’t fear anything with Shao Hengs support. There also wasn’t anyone present who dared to object to her.

As expected, the whole hall was silent and merely watched the show.

“Feng Ying! Your mouth could use some bleach!”

The silent air was pierced by a youthful cold voice.

This time, it surprisingly wasn’t Gong Xu who spoke; it was Luo Chen.

Gong Xu was about to speak when Luo Chen beat him to it. He instantly looked at Luo Chen, astonished.

“D*mn… You’ve finally blown a fuse, little sheep…”

Gong Xu murmured in shock.

The female assistant chuckled. “Heh, were you shamed into anger? What? Am I wrong?”

Luo Chen tightly clenched his fists and wanted to say something, but to his detriment, he had never been good with words and had to keep today’s setting in mind, so he couldn’t utter anything but “ You…”

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