Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1744 - They’re too vicious!

Chapter 1744: They’re too vicious!

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Gong Xu was nearly angered to death by Ye Wanwan’s nonchalant expression. “Brother Ye, you’re too naive, so you don’t know about affairs concerned with gangs. Let me tell you frankly—Ye Yiyi sank her claws into the leaders of Hongxing Gang. You should know about Hongxing Gang, right? These people aren’t your typical thugs and thieves; they’re all criminals who live their lives on their blades and don’t have any morals!”

As Gong Xu spoke, a dozen or so hired thugs rushed forward and completely surrounded them.

Ye Wanwan pulled Gong Xu down to sit in a nearby chair. “Stop panicking and sit down for a cup of tea! I know about Hongxing Gang; I heard they’re quite frightening, but I’m also quite frightening!”

Gong Xu was on the verge of a breakdown. “Brother Ye, stop kidding around! It’s not the time for that!”

Ye Wanwan pursed her lips. “I’m not kidding around! I really am frightening. These two friends of mine also don’t have any morals and are very vicious!”

“… The width of their shoulders is thinner than the other guy’s thigh! How the heck are they vicious?!”

What should I do? My Brother Ye seems to have become a bit foolish after leaving for a few days?

Promptly after Gong Xu’s inquiry, he saw a giant tattooed man 1.9 meters tall with muscles bulging from his figure swinging his fist, which was as big as a wok, toward Seven Star’s expressionless and exquisitely handsome face…

“Ah! It’s over!” Gong Xu shouted miserably and covered his eyes.

As soon as Gong Xu covered his eyes, he unsurprisingly heard an enormous boom.

He carefully peeked between the slits of his fingers, and his hand and chin dropped down the next second.

What… what is going on?!?!?!

What did I just see?!

In the standoff between Seven Star and the bulky man, Seven Star’s skinny figure was rooted to his spot. He merely twisted his wrist to grab the bulky man’s hand at an odd angle.

A second later, the bulky man was flung back like a burlap bag.

“Eh…” Am… am I seeing things? What just happened?

In the midst of Gong Xu’s daze, the peacock-like Big Dipper also acted. He kicked a second thug and twisted another bulky man’s arm until it broke with a bone-chilling crack.

“AHH!!! AHH!!!”

The blood-curdling screeches from the thugs nearly pierced the ceiling.

The bulky man rolled onto the ground while howling for his parents, his arm limply hanging behind him like freshly made noodles.

As for the bulky man who was thrown by Seven Star, he crashed into a wall and was convulsing and spurting blood out simultaneously.

Gong Xu’s chin nearly touched the floor, and he shivered. He looked at Big Dipper and Seven Star like they were ghosts and subconsciously shrank back behind Ye Wanwan. “D… d… d*mn…”

In the following minutes, everyone blankly watched as the two handsome youths turned into the embodiment of demons and pummeled the dozen or so burly thugs until they were broken and bleeding.

One youth was expressionless while the other youth had a bone-chillingly excited and twisted smile on his face, but their every attack was extremely cruel and savage, sending everyone’s hair on end.

When one of the bulky thugs slammed into the wall from a kick, his head directly shattered from the immensity of the force.

“Barf…” Yao Jiawen, who acted imperious and haughty a second ago, started vomiting and turned into a pile of mud, the scent of urine emitting from her a second later.

Ye Wanwan languidly drank her coffee. “What do you think? Are they vicious?”

Gong Xu: “…”

They are too vicious, alright!!!

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