Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1743 - Who came here to talk principles with you?

Chapter 1743: Who came here to talk principles with you?

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Next to Yao Jiawen, the female assistant Ye Yiyi assigned to her imperiously admonished Ye Wanwan: “Ye Bai, what in the world are you doing? Wake up and look at your current status! Your brother isn’t the CEO of the Age of Immortals anymore, and you also aren’t a director at this company anymore! You don’t have any right to question our artists’ business!”

The producer also chimed in, “Do you think you’re still the Director of the Talent Recruitment Department at the Age of Immortals? Isn’t it too ridiculous how you’re sticking your nose into something that’s none of your business?!”

The director quickly added, “Miss Ye, I understand you’re unable to accept this outcome, but I’m advising you to accept reality. If you continue to be a pest and throw tantrums, I won’t be so polite anymore!”

When Gong Xu witnessed everyone mocking Ye Wanwan, his eyes turned as red as an enraged bull. “All of you shut up!”

Although he wanted nothing more than to hit them, he couldn’t. Brother Ye was there, so it was too risky.

He couldn’t cause her to fall into a dangerous situation.

After shouting that, he leaned in close to Ye Wanwan’s ear and lowered his volume. “Brother Ye, hurry and leave. I’m really fine!”

With the help of her assistant, Yao Jiawen got up and sneered. “Ye Bai, I’m sorry to inform you that it’s me who’s Gong Xu’s manager now, and you? You’re nothing. You have no right to govern his affairs. No matter where you go, this principle holds true!”

Confidence brimmed from Yao Jiawen’s face, and she looked fearless from the knowledge of her support system.

Ye Wanwan remained seated in Yao Jiawen’s leather recliner and drank the high-class coffee Seven Star prepared for her. She raised her brows at the other woman, looking surprised. “Who said I came here to talk principles with you? I’m not interested in doing that!”

She didn’t come there to talk principles with these people.

Why would she?! Was she crazy?

Yao Jiawen looked at Ye Wanwan then at the skinny, young youths who came there with her. Yao Jiawen derisively snorted. “Then what would you like, Director Ye?”

A word from her and she could toss them out.

She didn’t, though. She wanted everyone to witness her destroying the legend that was Ye Bai!

Ye Wanwan glanced at Yao Jiawen and blew on the hot cup of coffee in her hands before chuckling softly. “I, of course, came here to… wreck the set…”


Before Yao Jiawen and the others could react, Ye Wanwan waved her hand at Seven Star and Big Dipper. “Wreck it all!”

Seven Star and Big Dipper instantly shifted into gear.

Big Dipper exploded with excitement and dashed to the front, sending the most expensive camera crashing down with a flying kick.

The loud bang caused everyone to be flabbergasted.

Ye Wanwan really went mad, right?

She brought two pretty boys there and declared she would… wreck the set?

Yao Jiawen exclaimed in shock before a sneer spread across her face. “Ye Bai, I originally wanted to give you some face since we were once close, but since you want to die, don’t blame me!”

She then flicked her hand at the underlings Ye Yiyi arranged for her and commanded, “What are you waiting for?! Beat them without any mercy!”

The audience hastily retreated far away and sympathetically looked at Ye Bai and those two youths.

Ye Bai should’ve remained hiding overseas after taking the money! Why did she run back here to court death…?

Gong Xu panicked. “Brother Ye, hurry and tell them to come back! These aren’t normal bodyguards—they’re from the gang!”

Ye Wanwan nodded. “Oh? Are gang members scary?”

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