Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1730 - Using a sledgehammer to crack a nut

Chapter 1730: Using a sledgehammer to crack a nut

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Ye Wanwan didn’t refute Ye Mufan’s words. Liang Meixuan was very cautious indeed, and it wouldn’t be easy to uncover evidence against her.

“I can now confirm that it was Liang Meixuan and Steward Huang who teamed up to frame you,” Ye Wanwan said to Ye Mufan after a moment of contemplation.

“Steward Huang?!” Ye Mufan was shocked.

“I previously followed Liang Meixuan and saw that she had an affair with Steward Huang… And they were connected to Ye Shao’an’s death; they were the perpetrators,” Ye Wanwan explained.

“D*mn… I knew there was something fishy between that d*mn b*tch Liang Meixuan and Old F*cker Huang! They kept sending looks at each other all day long… They seriously had an affair… Nice, Wanwan! Good job discovering that.” Ye Mufan gave her a thumbs up.

“Give me some time, and I’ll definitely clear your guilt,” she promised.

“Sh*t, Wanwan, you need to be quick! There really isn’t much time before the trial is held! If you don’t have evidence to prove Dad’s and my innocence, it’ll be awful! Right, did you bring me any roast duck? My taste buds feel so bland!” Ye Mufan’s words took a sharp turn in the middle, and he stared at her intently.

Ye Wanwan: “…”

“I didn’t.” Ye Wanwan frowned. “You can eat as much roast duck as you want when you get out.”

“When I get out, why would I still eat roast duck?” Ye Mufan curled his lips.

“Time’s up.”

Before they could continue, Ye Mufan was led out of the room.

Since time was limited, Ye Wanwan didn’t linger and quickly left the prison.

After telling the lawyer to head back, Ye Wanwan called a car to return to the Golden Seas mansion.

As soon as she entered the house, she saw Liang Wanjun, First Elder, Third Elder, and Seven Star playing “First Elder” together while Big Dipper was leaning over behind Seven Star.

“Old Seven, play this… Why aren’t you using your bomb? Play the big joker! What are you afraid of, you also have the little joker…” Big Dipper kept rambling.

Seven Star frowned and glanced at him. “Can you be quiet? I’m the landlord.”

Soon, everyone else learned all of Seven Star’s cards from Big Dipper and successfully thrashed Seven Star, making him lose a round.

“Old Seven, actually, there’s something wrong with your technique.” Big Dipper looked pensive.


“Pre—Wanwan, you’re back.” First Elder greeted Ye Wanwan, who had just entered the house.

Liang Wanjun stood up and cleaned up a bit upon seeing Ye Wanwan return home. “Wanwan, entertain the guests. I need to go out and buy more groceries. We’ll have dinner at home tonight.”

“Okay.” Ye Wanwan nodded.

After Liang Wanjun left, Ye Wanwan didn’t bother with a prelude and left the house with the other four in tow.

Half an hour later, they arrived in front of the Ye residence.

Ye Wanwan took out photos of Liang Meixuan and Steward Huang, showing them one by one.

“These next few days, keep a close watch on these two for me. Take photos and record videos if you can. Remember to prevent yourself from being discovered by anyone,” Ye Wanwan instructed.

With their profession, this tiny task shouldn’t be a problem.

They didn’t know her intention, but none of them questioned her and they nodded in agreement. Secretly though, they judged their president for using a sledgehammer to crack a nut by making them do something as minor as stalking.

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