Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1729 - Living rather comfortably

Chapter 1729: Living rather comfortably

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Ye Wanwan first went to a law firm to hire a lawyer before bringing the lawyer with her to the prison.

After a negotiation with her lawyer, Ye Wanwan finally saw her father, Ye Shaoting, as she wished.

Currently, Ye Shaoting was sitting across from Ye Wanwan with shackles around his wrists and wearing a prisoner’s uniform, looking wan and sallow.

“Wanwan… why are you here?!”

Ye Shaoting was shocked at the sight of Ye Wanwan, joy surfacing in his eyes.

During their time of imprisonment, Liang Wanjun visited often and told him that Ye Wanwan was searching for proof of their innocence.


Pain crept into Ye Wanwan’s eyes at the sight of her father’s haggard looks.

“Wanwan, it’s fine if you didn’t find any evidence…” Ye Shaoting hastily forced a smile when he saw Ye Wanwan’s expression.

Since someone was intentionally framing them, why would they allow other people to easily discover their tracks?

“Dad, don’t worry. Now that I’m back, absolutely nothing will happen to you. Believe me,” Ye Wanwan promised, meeting Ye Shaoting’s eyes.

Even if this seemingly aged man wasn’t her biological father, she always treated him as her biological father in her mind, and that had never changed.

“It’s fine, Wanwan. Just try your best…” Ye Shaoting continued to smile, thinking that Ye Wanwan was merely comforting him.

If Ye Wanwan really found evidence, she would’ve submitted the evidence long ago…

Before Ye Wanwan could say anything else, Ye Shaoting was taken away due to a time limit.

A moment later, Ye Mufan was brought inside.

Ye Mufan’s head was shaven, and there were shackles and a prisoner outfit on him. He looked rather slovenly.

“D*mn… Wanwan, you’re here?! I thought it was Mom!”

When Ye Mufan saw her, his eyes shone, and he instantly became spirited.

After they were framed, Ye Wanwan disappeared without any news, and they hadn’t seen her at all these past few months.

“How are you doing in there?” Ye Wanwan asked him.

“How…? What do you think? Your brother was born tender and delicate, so how could I do well in here? I nearly lost my virtue… D*mn, thank goodness I’m clever and have a high EQ! So I’m getting by decently in here,” Ye Mufan answered.

Ye Wanwan: “…”

Judging from Ye Mufan’s tone, he wasn’t merely getting by decently, but he was also living rather comfortably…

“Wanwan, it must’ve been those two b*tches, Liang Meixuan and Ye Yiyi, who framed me! It must’ve been Liang Meixuan who killed Ye Shao’an… Have you found evidence yet? The trial will be held soon… If you haven’t found evidence yet, Dad and I will seriously go to heaven to protect you and mom,” Ye Mufan said while looking at her.

Ye Wanwan glanced at him. She originally thought these past months would’ve made Ye Mufan become more mature and responsible, but she was expecting too much from the current looks of it.

“I haven’t found proof yet…” Ye Wanwan replied truthfully.

“Huh?! You haven’t found proof…? Ye Mufan looked at her, dumbfounded. “It’s over, we’re f*cked… I’m telling you, that b*tch Liang Meixuan must’ve been cautious and definitely wouldn’t leave any evidence behind for such a serious matter! If this matter came to light and proof was found, she’d be the f*cked one…”

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