Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1668 - Participating in the martial competition

Chapter 1668: Participating in the martial competition

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Not long after Li Hanfeng left, Ye Wanwan also turned to leave. The feeling of the café’s server’s terrified gaze trailing behind her left a distaste in her mouth…

Ye Wanwan found it dull and knew she was in the wrong, so she didn’t linger in the café.

When she returned to the group dormitory, Li Xin and the others were looking at her with their eyes wide open.

“Sis… Have you eaten yet? I brought you some gaifan 1 !” Li Xin quickly walked up with an ingratiating smile.

“Scram!” A veteran mercenary bulldozed Li Xin to the side and stared at Ye Wanwan with a big grin. “Sis Wan, I bought you a milk tea and luxurious delicacies!”

Ye Wanwan: “…” What’s going on…?!

Everyone in the dorm started inquiring about her wellbeing and asking if she needed anything, baffling her.

“Sis Wan, you’re too awesome! You actually beat up Big Dipper and Seven Star from the Fearless Alliance!”

“Sis Wan, take us along next time… As long as Sis Wan brings us with her on a few missions, we’ll become C-rank mercenaries!”

Realization dawned on Ye Wanwan. No wonder they were all so enthusiastic.

“Sis Wan, you’re the second person in the entire Scarlet Flames Academy to dare to insult the higher-ups! The first person was Senior Sister Worriless!”

“Senior Sister Worriless Nie is Scarlet Flames Academy’s legend, and she created so many records! Too bad they were all broken by Senior Sister Nie Linglong afterward…”

A cold glint sparkled in Ye Wanwan’s eyes. I will reclaim everything that Nie Linglong stole from me… one day…

The next morning, Ye Wanwan arrived at Elder Gong’s manor.

There was another old woman inside the living room aside from Elder Gong.

Ye Wanwan saw this old woman yesterday—she was the higher-up who was aligned with Elder Lei He.

“Elder Gong, your disciple must participate in the martial competition,” the old woman said with a sneer.

Elder Gong glanced at the old woman. “Ye Wanwan is just a D-rank mercenary. Her participation is optional.”

“Heh, but Elder Gong, your disciple completed two A-rank missions, so she’s required to participate regardless of her rank. Furthermore, Elder Lei He asked the headmaster already, and the headmaster agreed!” the old woman retorted with a superficial smile.

Before Elder Gong could respond, Ye Wanwan stood up and looked at the old woman. She frigidly said, “Tell Meng Ke and Elder Lei He that I’ll participate in the martial competition.”

The old woman smiled and nodded. “Elder Gong, you heard it for yourself—it was your disciple who’s willing to participate. Her words are like splashed water and can’t be taken back.”

The old woman didn’t allow Elder Gong an opportunity to speak before she left.

After the old woman left, Elder Gong turned to Ye Wanwan with a displeased and grim expression. “Who permitted you to participate in the martial competition?”

“…” Alcohol!

“Ye Wanwan, do you know why Elder Lei He requested your participation from the headmaster? It’s because he wants to elevate you then make you fall to your death.” A scene surfaced in Elder Gong’s mind. “One year ago, I had a personal disciple who was an extraordinary prodigy… His name was Feng Tian. If he had three more years, he probably would’ve surpassed your Senior Sister Worriless…”

Ye Wanwan had heard about what happened to Feng Tian from other students at the academy.

Feng Tian participated in the martial competition and was nearly unrivaled but encountered Elder Lei He’s eldest disciple.

During his fight with Elder Lei He’s eldest disciple, Feng Tian was beaten to death.

Although this kind of martial competition ended when a result was reached, there were times when fatal accidents occurred too.

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