Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1667 - Possessing Worriless Nie’s martial strength

Chapter 1667: Possessing Worriless Nie’s martial strength

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Ye Wanwan watched the video, flabbergasted.

The woman in the video was lightning fast, surpassing a normal human speed. You could only see the shadows of her strike, and Li Hanfeng was sent flying back in the next second.

Li Hanfeng also reacted extremely quickly and swiftly went on the defense. He questioned why she was attacking him suddenly, but the woman merely smiled wickedly. However, with the ugly disguise on her, the wicked smile was truly… an eyesore.

Following that, the cafe was essentially trashed by the woman, and the roof barely escaped the fate of being yanked off.

However, the woman in the video wasn’t anyone but Ye Wanwan herself.


Ye Wanwan was dumbstruck.

She only drank the cocktail that Li Hanfeng gave to her… and then… blacked out?!

Ye Wanwan knew her alcohol limit but couldn’t understand her behavior after blacking out. Since when did she become the incarnation of Popeye?!

Popeye only transforms after he eats spinach… I… do I freaking transform after getting drunk?!

“Junior Sister Ye… If you wanted to have a match with me, you could’ve told me outright… Why did you attack me sneakily?” Li Hanfeng wiped the traces of blood from his mouth, his face deathly pale.

“…” How do I freaking know?!

Ye Wanwan was willing to swear to the café’s lights that she hadn’t been aware she acted like this after getting drunk!

“No wonder… No wonder…”

Ye Wanwan suddenly remembered how she finished off Yi Shuihan’s hard liquor back at the Fearless Alliance and her memories blacked out afterward. After she blacked out, though… everyone in the Fearless Alliance stopped doubting her identity, and even First Elder and Third Elder submitted to her. Wasn’t she too freaking scary when she was drunk?!

When she was drunk, she simply couldn’t be any more cool and awesome! If she had this kind of martial strength, she could do whatever she wanted in the Independent State from now on! She wouldn’t have to be afraid of anyone!!!

“Your martial technique is kind of similar to Senior Sister Worriless,” Li Hanfeng quietly said when Ye Wanwan remained silent.

“…” Of course! I’m Worriless Nie herself!

His words caused Ye Wanwan to sink into contemplation and connect this incident to something else.

Li Hanfeng just said that her martial technique was similar to Worriless Nie’s when she was drunk.

Could it be that she recovered Worriless Nie’s memories and martial strength whenever she blacked out?!

However, after thinking about it carefully, recovering her memories didn’t seem too plausible. In the video, when she blacked out, she basically antagonized the heaven, earth and even the air. If she recovered her memories, why would she beat Li Hanfeng up for no reason?

Can it be…? I regain Worriless Nie’s martial arts skills when I’m drunk? Ye Wanwan thought. If it’s like that…

“Perhaps I’m Worriless Nie.”

Ye Wanwan teasingly stared at Li Hanfeng.

He glanced at her but didn’t say anything. He slapped the dust off his body and turned to the café server. “Put the damages here onto my bill.”

“Sure…” The server nodded frantically.

Then Li Hanfeng didn’t spare her a glance before turning and leaving the café.

“…” I’m really Worriless Nie… Did you have to ignore me like that…?

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