Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1647 - Mobilize elite members to China

Chapter 1647: Mobilize elite members to China

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“Sis Feng, I received a piece of news… but I don’t know whether to tell you…” Seven Star looked hesitant.

“Speak.” Ye Wanwan frowned lightly. Had Seven Star mixed with Big Dipper too long? Why was he so fussy now?

“After Sis Feng disappeared from the Fearless Alliance, a few of our Fearless Alliance’s previous core members were held captive due to war. Over the years, the elders have sent members from our intelligence department to investigate their whereabouts. The newest information came yesterday and said they were in China,” Seven Star said slowly.

Ye Wanwan turned pensive when she heard that.

Shortly after she came to the Fearless Alliance, she heard the Fearless Alliance triggered many wars after Bro Flattop disappeared, and some core members were captured. No further words were heard from them.

Who could’ve expected those captured core members from the Fearless Alliance would show up in China?

“It’s an utter humiliation!”

Big Dipper was incensed. “How glorious is our Fearless Alliance?! How could our core members be captured?”

Seven Star glanced at Big Dipper. “If it weren’t for those core members back then, the Fearless Alliance might not have been able to hold on until Sis Feng returned.”

Big Dipper laughed in embarrassment and quickly said, “What I meant was that those people who captured our Fearless Alliance’s core members were simply too shameless! They should be hacked into a thousand pieces and killed!”

“Do you know which faction did it?” Ye Wanwan asked Seven Star.

“The Fearless Alliance made too many enemies back then and fought with countless factions, so… we don’t have any leads anymore,” Seven Star answered truthfully.

“China…” Ye Wanwan murmured.

She coincidentally also planned on returning to China soon.

Her current position inside the Fearless Alliance was very stable, so it was time to make some advances.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t be good if she held the title of the Fearless Alliance’s president without contributing anything to the Fearless Alliance itself… She herself would be embarrassed.

“Okay!” Ye Wanwan slapped the table.

Big Dipper jolted in fright and turned to her in shock.

“Prepare, prepare! Help me gather the strongest elite members of the Fearless Alliance so that they can go to China with me,” Ye Wanwan ordered with a smirk.

Big Dipper was startled. “Huh… Go to China?”

“Sis Feng, China is thousands of miles from the Fearless Alliance. It would be fine if our enemies are small in number, but if they aren’t, I’m afraid something might go wrong. The most troublesome thing is that we aren’t familiar with China…” Big Dipper hastily explained.

Ye Wanwan: “…” You aren’t familiar, but I’m familiar…

“You don’t have to worry about that—I have plans in the works. Just do as I say,” Ye Wanwan said.

Upon seeing that Ye Wanwan had made up her mind, Big Dipper could only helplessly nod and agree. After all, Sis Feng gave her orders already. What else could he say?

The next day, in the early morning, Ye Wanwan went to the Nie residence to see Tangtang and bid farewell to Madam Nie.

After all, after returning to Scarlet Flames Academy, her next step would be to head to China and accept the mission of eliminating traitor mercenaries there while she was at it, so it might be a while before she returned.

Inside the Nie residence’s living room, Ye Wanwan served Madam Nie a cup of tea.

Next to them, “Worriless Nie” coldly watched Ye Wanwan with contempt brimming from her eyes.

“Wanwan, I heard you’re attending Scarlet Flames Academy?” Madam Nie asked Ye Wanwan while looking at her.

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