Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1646 - Who needs your reminder?

Chapter 1646: Who needs your reminder?

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Jiang Yan intently stared at Big Dipper and Seven Star with a deep frown.

This vixen actually gathered a group to snatch my master?!

For me, my master truly…

Jiang Yan was deeply moved.

“You want to die?!”

A cold glint flashed through Jiang Yan’s eyes as he pointed at Big Dipper and shouted.

“Misunderstanding, it’s all a misunderstanding… Wait, who the f*ck are you talking about who wants to die?! You door god, you guard dog! Pah!” Big Dipper indignantly cursed at Jiang Yan, livid.

Seven Star glanced at Big Dipper. “Do you still remember what you came here to do?”

Big Dipper was startled. Oh, we seem to have gone off track…

“Ahaha, even if you’re a guard dog, you’re still a good dog. Misunderstanding, it’s all a misunderstanding…”

Big Dipper swiftly walked toward Ye Wanwan and said with a grin, “Sis Feng, you drank too much. Let’s hurry and return. There are still many matters waiting for you to handle back at the Alliance, Sis Feng.”

Big Dipper grabbed Ye Wanwan’s arm and tried to leave this place.

However, the second Big Dipper touched Ye Wanwan’s hand, he felt like ice encased his entire body and he involuntarily shivered.

“Who… There’s a murderous aura. Who wants to sneakily attack me?!”

Big Dipper cautiously examined his surroundings, but there was nobody aside from Lord Asura expressionlessly staring at him.

Ye Wanwan was exasperated. Why did this fool come over here? He was too tactless! Couldn’t he tell she wasn’t done with Lord Asura yet? She still hadn’t obtained a piece of Lord Asura’s hair…

The other purpose could be forgotten, but this was at least an S-rank mission at Scarlet Flames Academy.

Next to them, Seven Star sighed and slowly walked up. He grabbed Big Dipper by his lapels and quickly dragged him to the car.

“Master, we should go… There’s something wrong with this vixen’s head. Who knows what she could do later…” Jiang Yan carefully said to Lord Asura.

Lord Asura expressionlessly turned around and left.

After entering the car, Si Yehan’s brows locked together.

The current situation had progressed in the complete opposite direction of what he had hoped. If this continued, it would be almost impossible to make Ye Wanwan leave the Independent State and return to China.

It wasn’t that there weren’t any solutions to make Ye Wanwan return to China…

He would need to restore his identity as Si Yehan…

At that moment, Seven Star, Big Dipper, and Ye Wanwan arrived at the Fearless Alliance’s building.

After Ye Wanwan exited the car, she headed straight inside the headquarters.

“Good evening, President!”

The Fearless Alliance members on guard that night immediately straightened their backs and plucked up their energy, saluting Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan greeted the guards and headed to her office.

Big Dipper and Seven Star also entered a moment later.

“Sis Feng, it hasn’t been peaceful in the Independent State lately… We should avoid provoking people from Prison…” Big Dipper hastily said to Ye Wanwan as soon as he entered the office.


Ye Wanwan was startled. “Who’s from Prison?”

“Lord Asura! Asura’s one of the three core factions of Prison!” Big Dipper said.

Ye Wanwan: “…” Who needs a reminder from you? Of course I know!

“Sis Feng, when will you go back to Scarlet Flames Academy?” Seven Star asked her.

The mission was finished now, so it was almost time for her to return to Scarlet Flames Academy.

“Within the next two days,” Ye Wanwan replied.

Before returning to Scarlet Flames Academy, she still had something to take care of, but it would take two days at most.

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