Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1608 - Three days are enough

Chapter 1608: Three days are enough

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“D*mn, you’re really going to accept one? What mission are you accepting?”

Li Xin swiftly walked up and stood next to Ye Wanwan, reading the brief summary of the mission Ye Wanwan ripped off.

“A-rank mission, defeat Big Dipper of the Fearless Alliance and need video for proof… A-rank mission…” Li Xin murmured, his expression abruptly shifting a second later.

“You’ve gone mad… It’s over, it’s over, you’ve gone mad…” Li Xin stared at Ye Wanwan in shock. “Ye Wanwan, did you rip off the wrong slip?!”

Ye Wanwan looked at Li Xin and aloofly said, “That’s right, the mission I accepted is A rank.”

Everyone present, whether it was the students from the D-rank class or the high-ranking mercenary students, was taken aback.

It wasn’t only an A-rank mission but it was also related to the Fearless Alliance. This woman had to be suicidal or she already planned to leave the Academy and just wanted to express her displeasure before leaving.

There had been students who accepted A-rank missions like this, or even S-rank missions, but didn’t do anything after accepting them. Was this woman doing the same?

“Will this mission suffice?” Ye Wanwan glanced at Zhang Da while beaming.

Zhang Da’s face was dark as he coldly said, “A top C-rank mission will do, so an A-rank mission is fine, of course. However, are you sure you’re going to do it?”

“Hmph, I bet she’s just pretending! I doubt she’s actually going to do it!” Zhou Tao was sneering with contempt.

“You’re the one pretending! How do you know Ye Wanwan doesn’t have the strength to accomplish it?!” Li Xin pointed at Zhou Tao.

“What? I just know she won’t be able to finish it! If she succeeds in this mission, I will kowtow in front of you three times and call you ‘Grandfather’ three times.” Zhou Tao was scornful.

Zhang Da didn’t let Li Xin respond before saying to Ye Wanwan, “Alright, since you accepted it, you have to finish it. You have a one-month limit for A-ranked missions. If you can’t finish the mission in a month, you’ll still be expelled from Scarlet Flames Academy. Stalling for time is pointless.”

“One month?” Ye Wanwan was disdainful. “No need for such a hassle. Three days… I’ll finish this mission within three days. If I can’t finish it, I’ll pack my bags myself and leave.”

Everyone put on an odd expression when they heard her.

Where did this woman get her confidence? How could a mere new D-rank student be arrogant to this extent? She claimed she could finish an A-rank mission related to the Fearless Alliance within three days?

Li Hanfeng furrowed his brows slightly. Master’s newly accepted disciple in-name… truly wasn’t too bright.

He had gleaned an understanding of the basic situation and originally planned to inform that low-ranking Scarlet Flames instructor that Ye Wanwan was Elder Gong’s disciple in-name, but Ye Wanwan already accepted an A-rank mission. Now, even if Elder Gong personally stepped in, this wouldn’t be an easy matter to resolve.

No one could alter the rules of Scarlet Flames Academy; even the headmaster had to obey them!

“Junior Sister, it’s no big deal if you leave the Academy, but you mustn’t be reckless. Nothing is more important than your life,” a good-looking female student advised Ye Wanwan out of kindness.

Mercenary students typically didn’t dare to easily accept any mission related to the Fearless Alliance, unless they were the genuinely high-ranking mercenaries.

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