Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1607 - Suffer just because you want to look good

Chapter 1607: Suffer just because you want to look good

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Ye Wanwan smiled as she stared at the mission. Sorry, Big Dipper, I’ll have to wrong you for now…

Zhang Da and the other D-rank students also arrived at the mission board.

Upon seeing this, the high-ranking mercenaries were confused as to why these low D-ranked students flooded to this place.

“Ye Wanwan, you just need to accept a top C-rank mission, and you won’t have to do the compulsory mission,” Zhang Da said to her coldly.

“Heh… I think she should just accept fate and pack her bags,” Zhou Fu, standing next to the instructor, mockingly taunted with a snort.

“Junior Sister Ye, you mustn’t be impulsive… The top C-rank missions are almost B-rank, and we’re only D-rank mercenaries! Don’t be impulsive!” Li Xin fretted anxiously and advised her, afraid Ye Wanwan would lose all rationality and seriously accept a mission with a high fatality risk.

Even if she had to leave Scarlet Flames Academy, she wouldn’t lose her life for no reason. The low-ranking instructor, Zhang Da, was obviously abusing his power for personal revenge as Zhang Zuonian’s uncle and intentionally trying to make Ye Wanwan leave.

The high-ranking mercenaries looked pensive. So this new student was unwilling to accept the school’s compulsory mission and rashly came to the mission board with the intention of accepting a high-ranking mission…

At this moment, an aloof man slowly walked toward Ye Wanwan.

Many high-ranked mercenaries were startled at the sight of this man.

“Li Hanfeng…”

“Elder Gong’s most outstanding disciple in-name… I heard there’s a very high possibility Elder Gong will accept him as a personal disciple…”

“D*mn, so that’s Li Hanfeng! He hasn’t been at Scarlet Flames Academy for more than half a year but rose to A+ rank from a D-rank mercenary at the speed of light. I reckon it won’t take long for Li Hanfeng to ascend to an S-rank mercenary…”

“Are you Ye Wanwan?”

Li Hanfeng asked after examining Ye Wanwan for a long while.

Ye Wanwan turned to Li Hanfeng. She got lost in thought while staring at the A-rank mission on the mission board, so she didn’t notice when this man approached her or hear the discussion around her.

“You are…?” Ye Wanwan asked him with confusion.

“Who I am isn’t important. So… are you Ye Wanwan?” Li Hanfeng asked again.

“Yes, that’s me.” Ye Wanwan nodded with a strange expression on her face. She hadn’t been at Scarlet Flames Academy for many days, so how did this high-ranking mercenary know her name…?

“How do you know my name?” Ye Wanwan questioned out of curiosity.

However, Li Hanfeng merely shook his head and didn’t say anything else.

“Ye Wanwan, are you done choosing yet?” Zhou Tao pressed before Ye Wanwan could say anything else.

“Heh, Ye Wanwan, don’t suffer just because you want to look good. I think you should just docilely return to the dormitory and grab all of your rubbish so you can stick with that poor grandfather of yours,” Zhou Fu derided with a sneer.

“Ye Wanwan, if you still haven’t chosen, I’ll forcefully make you leave Scarlet Flames Academy.” Zhang Da coldly stared at her.

Ye Wanwan smiled and ignored them. She walked a few steps so that she was within arm’s reach of the bulletin board.

Every mission was pasted onto the board like a sticky note. When a student ripped the mission slip off, it was the same as accepting that mission. Everyone in Scarlet Flames Academy knew this rule.

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