Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1604 - Friends with Young Master Shen

Chapter 1604: Friends with Young Master Shen

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“Heh… Junior Sister, you’re a bit distracted,” Zhang Zuonian commented with a snort as he stared at Ye Wanwan.

“What is it?” Ye Wanwan impatiently asked.

“Nothing. I just wanted to explain a principle to you, Junior Sister,” Zhang Zuonian casually replied.

“Oh? What principle? I’m all ears.” Ye Wanwan acted nonchalantly as well.

Someone like Zhang Zuonian relied on the fact that he had a little seniority at Scarlet Flames Academy and went around everywhere, bullying new students and making new students finish the compulsive missions the academy assigned to him instead of finishing them himself.

Ye Wanwan seriously didn’t have any desire to even directly look at someone like him.

“At Scarlet Flames Academy, if you don’t respect superiors and listen to your Senior Brother, the consequences are very severe… On the more severe side, you might die miserably. On the lighter side, you wouldn’t be able to remain at Scarlet Flames Academy.” Zhang Zuonian stared at Ye Wanwan with a curl of his lips.

“Is that so? I’d like to see then,” Ye Wanwan coldly retorted.

He was just a mere C-rank mercenary, but he really considered himself the tyrant of Scarlet Flames Academy?!

“Heh…” Zhang Zuonian stared at her. “Not bad. I admire your temperament. But if a person’s too sharp, they will only end up hurting themselves.”

Zhou Fu stood on the side with her brother. She thought Zhang Zuonian would definitely blow a fuse and ruthlessly teach Ye Wanwan a lesson.

However, what Zhou Fu didn’t expect was for Zhang Zuonian to not do anything and merely turn around after saying that, leading the other C-rank mercenaries out of the classroom.

After Zhang Zuonian left, one of the more senior students walked to Ye Wanwan’s side with a deep frown. “Junior Sister Ye, you were truly too impulsive…”

Ye Wanwan was confused. “Impulsive?”

“Yes, too impulsive…” The young man sighed. “Junior Sister Ye, you just entered Scarlet Flames Academy, so you aren’t familiar with the school. Zhang Zuonian isn’t someone that normal people can provoke…”

“What? Isn’t he just a C-rank mercenary? What’s so fearsome about him? Soon, I can also rise to C-rank.”

Li Xin suddenly came up with a face of derision.

“Junior Sister Ye, don’t be afraid. Zhang Zuonian wouldn’t dare to do much to you—he’s just good at bragging. I’d like to see how he’d make you die,” Li Xin said to Ye Wanwan.

“Li Xin, how long have you been at Scarlet Flames Academy? Just three months. What do you know…” The young man glanced at Li Xin. “If Zhang Zuonian was merely a C-rank mercenary, it’d be fine. However, Zhang Zuonian is very smooth and slick with a clever head on his shoulders. He can thrive well amongst the high-ranked mercenaries, and they all call each other brothers. I even heard Zhang Zuonian is friends with Senior Brother Grim Reaper!”

Ye Wanwan was originally uninterested but was startled when she heard the title “Grim Reaper.”

Grim Reaper… Wasn’t this alias bought by that moneybags from the Shen family…?

“Grim Reaper? Which Grim Reaper, Eldest Young Master Shen?” Ye Wanwan reflexively asked.

The young man was taken aback. He didn’t expect Ye Wanwan to know about Grim Reaper’s identity despite having only been at Scarlet Flames Academy for two days..

“D*mn… Eldest Young Master of the Shen family…? Which Shen family? Don’t tell me it’s the Shen family that’s one of the four great clans of the Independent State…?” Li Xin was stunned.

Which of the four great clans didn’t have a thunderous reputation? The surnames—Nie, Ji, Shen, and Ling—were too terrifying!

“That’s right, it’s that Shen family!” The young man nodded enthusiastically. “Also, I heard that Eldest Young Master Shen is a S-rank mercenary, and all the mansions that the Scarlet Flames Academy’s S-rank mercenaries live in are Eldest Young Master Shen’s masterpieces! He built them for the school…”

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