Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1603 - Don’t be ungrateful for the face I’m giving you

Chapter 1603: Don’t be ungrateful for the face I’m giving you

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Zhou Fu’s expression shifted upon being ignored by Ye Wanwan. She snorted and said, “Ye Wanwan, who do you think you are? You’re just a lowly D-rank mercenary *and* a newly enrolled student, but Senior Brother Zhang is a C-rank mercenary. Don’t be ungrateful for the face I’m giving you.”

The expressions of the other students in the classroom all shifted. Ye Wanwan wasn’t the only lowly D-rank mercenary there; which one of them wasn’t a D-rank mercenary?

Zhou Fu managed to insult all the D-rank mercenaries with a sentence.

“Zhou Fu, aren’t you also a D-rank mercenary? Aren’t you also a new student?” a newly-enrolled student coldly questioned while staring at Zhou Fu.

Zhou Fu snorted. “I’m talking about Ye Wanwan, not you. What are you so aggravated about? Did you want to be a flower guardian?”

“Flower guardian?” Zhou Tao looked at his sister with a smile. “Say, sister, you’re kidding, right? How could you call Ye Wanwan a flower with her looks?”


A snicker came from outside the classroom, and Zhang Zuonian and his cohort languidly entered.

“So lively in here. Did you all finish your missions?” Zhang Zuonian asked amiably, sweeping his eyes over everyone.

“Senior Brother Zhang…”

Zhou Tao and Zhou Fu immediately went up and stood in front of Zhang Zuonian with a bootlicking smile on their faces.

“I had you two siblings monitor them. How did the monitoring go?” Zhang Zuonian indifferently asked with a glance at the Zhou siblings.

Zhou Tao hastily replied, “Senior Brother Zhang, don’t worry. My sister and I didn’t slack at all and watched over them the whole afternoon. However, some of the missions you issued can’t be finished in a day and might need two or three days.”

Zhang Zuonian wasn’t surprised and merely nodded. “Not bad. Just monitor them closely. If they are lazy…”

He trailed off and turned to leave.

Zhou Fu chased after Zhang Zuonian immediately and blocked him.

“What?” Zhang Zuonian frowned when he saw someone standing in his way.

“Senior Brother Zhang… we’re monitoring them responsibly, but… one of the new students is very arrogant and is utterly disrespecting Senior Brother Zhang,” Zhou Fu said.

“Oh?” A cold glint flickered through Zhang Zuonian’s eyes, and he expressionlessly asked, “Who is it?”

“That woman.” Zhou Fu snorted and turned around, pointing at Ye Wanwan with her pointer finger.


Zhang Zuonian was briefly startled. He did have some recollection of the ugly woman who didn’t look up from her desk despite the commotion.

The missions were all issued, so he had this woman go and clean their dorm room.

“What? Was the dorm room not cleaned properly?” Zhang Zuonian looked indifferent.

“Senior Brother Zhang… it’s not that it wasn’t cleaned properly—Ye Wanwan didn’t even go to clean it at all! As soon as you left, Ye Wanwan disappeared without a trace too!” Zhou Tao tattled hastily.

“That’s right. Senior Brother Zhang, this woman is utterly disrespecting you!” Zhou Fu nodded vehemently.

Zhang Zuonian detachedly walked toward Ye Wanwan and an inexplicable smile spread across his lips as he knocked on her desk with his fingers.

Ye Wanwan was originally contemplating her possible relationship with Worriless Nie.

At the interruption, Ye Wanwan looked up and saw the culprit, Zhang Zuonian.

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